forum POV for your characters: I ask if I am allowed to vent about my problems to your character
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Balam: Sure go ahead Listens intently and tries giving advice
Amoxtli: Oh, sure! Listens to 2 words and gets lost in her own world
Coyotl: Mmmm… how about, instead, you leave me alone and writhe in your emotions in silence?
Lasta: … I'm not allowed to say no, am I?
Nitis: Sure doesn't even try giving advice.
Tiburo: Oh yeah, and then I can go! We can take turns!

@NotSoBeautifulDiseaster group

Sophie: Uhh… sure
Ava: Pretends she didn't hear you and walks away
Charlie: Umm… I guess… Are you okay
Lucas: Fine but you owe me
Jax: No. I can find someone else if you like
Matthew: It's fine. As class rep, I can't stand by and watch you suffer in silence
Micheal: Micheal.exe stopped working

@trainwreck404 group

Simon: Oh god, uh, yeah, absolutely! I'm shit at advice though, but I can sit and listen!
CJ: Absolutely. What's going on?
Logan: I'd rather not, if that's okay. I just emotionally can't.
Dean: Hit me. I'll punch anyone who hurt you.
Henry: What's wrong, darling? You can tell me anything.

Madeline: Hell no. Like I give a shit about you and your pathetic issues. Talk to Julianna.
Ava: Give me one second to grab some tea, then we can talk.
Peter: I'm not supposed to, but if we're really quiet, you can spill.
James: I don't think you want to talk to me. I'm terrible at advice. Maybe Ava or Julianna can help.
Xavier: Really? You talked to Madeline, got her spiel, and then you came to me? You really are dumb. I couldn't give two shits about some commoner like you.

@larcenistarsonist group

Thad: No. Why? [ends up listening to problems anyways]
Sparrow: Oh, uh, yeah sure! [caught off guard but still listens]
Rune: [slow blink]
Bane: Hmm? Yeah, go ahead, is everything okay? [tryna be the best big bro he can be]
Fennec: Sure, go ham. Whatever. [tunes you out while working on inventions]
Kora: No. [phases through a wall]
Alexi: You know you can tell me anything! You shouldn't even have to ask! [instantly turns into mom friend]
Atticus: Can it wait until I finish the chapter? [groans and quickly tries to finish the book or wheel away as fast as possible]
Solizha: Yes, dear, anything you need to get off your chest. [not so discretely prepares a fire arrow to shoot whoever's bothering her child]
Hyo: I really don't care about your issues. [turns into a water puddle to avoid conversing]
Geobi: It's good to vent, but I won't offer you any guidance. It's important for mortals to understand that there is challenge in life and you must conquer it to fully feel human. [rambles on and on about challenges, victory and defeat, blah blah blah]
Caliga: Ew, no emotions. [turns into some fog to avoid conversing]
Daedra: [loooooooooong, dreading sigh] I suppose.
Aarion: Uh-huh! Are you okay? You look kinda stressed. Here! [gives you a daisy]
The King: It's cute how you think I care. [kills you on the spot]


Nyaery: [Extremely confused] Goddess no, humans can't even hold their own emotions? I've lived far longer than anyone and have never once complained.

Eilore: I do not have time to deal with such foolish matters, human. If you wish to do business, that is all I'm willing to speak to you about.

Araite: Oh my gosh! Are you okay? What's wrong, I promise I'll listen!! Oh, you poor thing.. [She'll let you talk for a few minutes but she'll feel too bad to let you continue and instead hugs you and tried to calm you with affirmations in a motherly way. She is extremely touchy and will always remain in physical contact with you so expect a lot of hugs and back pats.]

Hailoh: you cry? What's wrong? [She would listen intensely and hold you. Eventually, she'll start to cry because she'll feel as she did a bad job as an Angel. After she calms down, she will tell you stories of other humans who may have a similar experience to you, and how you are never alone. She cares deeply for every human.]


Lincoln: If you must. subconsciously takes note of everything you say and your whole demeanor and writes it down in his journal later.

Chester: no (I can't even handle my own emotions much less somebody I don't even know).

Harli: Go ahead. Nods along with what you say and tries to comfort you with a cup of hot tea and a blanket.

Landers: Yeah! We can share our problems! it'll be fun!

Oscar: I'm literally eleven.

Huginn: You wanna hold my hand too? It'll make you tell the truth. I'm not flirting with you it's just that contact with my skin makes people unable to lie.

@NotSoBeautifulDiseaster group

Hasuko: I'm not responsible for that
Colton: Sure, what's wrong
Kelly: Was it a bully
Emma: Umm… What's wrong
Tori: I suppose so
Terry: Please calm down
Aaron: You aren't going to kill yourself, aren't you?!
Darnell: I have to do something
Claire: I'll lend you a hand if you need it
Elijah: (Long sigh) I guess I have time to kill
Hunter: You literally summoned me just to whine to me

@lemon-gummy group

clove - okay! let it all out. tell me whats wrong. it helps to share what youre feeling. so ive heard. im just fine, though, so whoever said that should probably check their- chokes

frances- im not the person to ask. maybe clove? oh. never mind. have a good day i guess?

liz- you can one hundred percent rely on me! sitting cross legged and motions for them to as well, then soon gets distracted and plays in the grass instead

page - sure lol

(introducingggg) liz's mom - okay, dear! shoves roll in your hands say as much as you want to. hugs you when you need it, lets you help with dinner

fian - ……………. if you really want me to? elodie comes and interrupts, just does most of the talking while fian says "mhmm" and "yeah"

evrfighter language

Tsuki: Yeah, go ahead! I also got snacks if you want any (She will try to listen as attentively as possible, offering food constantly)

Nio: If you really want to, I guess (he doesn't really give much of a reaction otherwise)

Lio: Of course! Anything that's on your mind, you can say it (he tries to be as supportive as possible)

Doro: I don't remember who asked (he'll just be grumpy and irritated that he was bothered)

Jay: Oh, of course, what's bothering you? (he'll be as gentle and understanding as possible so that he may use this information later on as he sees fit)

@sortaslightlysentient group

Ruth: I'm busy. (would just walk off)
Adelaide: Oh, honey, of course you can. (wouldn't give the best advice, but would support you emotionally at any cost)
Jessica: Sure. (would listen, but would care, and would gaslight you into having you think that they are your fault)
Michael: Uh-huh. Yeah. What's up? (Would listen, would care, and would give therapy-level advice)
Pip: Mmhmmm. (would listen intently, then give you a solution that sounds more like an excuse to party)
Harry: No. God, what are you, a six-year-old girl? (he'd take you to the pub to get drunk and forget, though)
Leonard: would probably depend how close you are, and how he felt about you
Duncan: With me? would listen, but is likely to provide a rational solution instead of emotional support
Casper: Not a question, is it? (genuinely cares, but will not give a good solution, because he just doesn't think that way)
Oliver: Yeah. That's my job. (
would aggressively psychoanalyse you, then charge you for his time*)

@tazu group

Andrew: Not sure why you came to me in the first place… I'm not the right person you should be asking. If you came here for advice, you're not getting anything good out of me. (he's just awkward and doesn't know what to give as advice. He's the more rational twin, plus he doesn't know the person that much)
Canarie: You do look a bit tired… It's alright. It's good to let your emotions out once in a while. (she can notice someone on the brink of tears, so she tries to make them calm and comfortable. She's not a therapist but someone who would intently listen to their problems and give emotional support)
Rin: You can always count on me, y'know! Let it all out, I won't judge, I promise. (genuinely listens and cares, tries her best to provide with emotional support and a shoulder to lean on)
Jackie: If you want me to. I can't sit still and watch someone suffer in silence, after all. (listens intently, but gives more logical solutions instead of support)
Iris: I'm not a therapist. (runs away immediately afterward, annoyed)
Leo: …? ………… (looking around nervously) ………..
Birdy: If you have any dirt on your hands, let me handle it. (although she's more focused on her work rather than making emotional connections, she's not aware she can give genuine good advice.)


Phoenix: Sure (mentally putting this in the Possible Ammunition box)
Daisy: Of course! (Tries to give advice, is very sympathetic)
Zara: First off, tell me if you want me to kill someone for you or not. (She's learned by now that killing problems is not always the best idea)
Niara: Do you want help, advice, or sympathy? (Is good at help and advice, not so much the sympathy)


Miriam: Oh umm sure I can't guarantee my advice will be good but I will try my best

Jaxon: hmmm nah bye

Cassie:Yah honey I am the last person you wanna vent to

Torrah: Uhm sure

Lemon:Of course you don't even need to ask I am always here for you :)

@klueekillz group

I asume that they already know eachother

Kumi: Oh ehm, yeah sure! I can listen and give you comfort if you want too.. uhm do you like stawberries..? – she talks on a calm tone and offers you some blankets and hot chocolate
Maxine: Ehrm idk. Sure? I won't say anything tho, go on, talk to me.


Rin: Okay, what's the problem? Internally cursing the fact that this is her problem now, despite the fact she didn't have to immediately start caring for the person but did
Esta: I suppose so?
Lea: Oh, is this about… already knows their problems somehow
Aera: …I'm not sure I can help you. Goodbye. leaves anxiously


Micheal Carmen: "Um… I don't know why you'd choose me, but okay."
Kyle: "Uh, yeah sure, but can I vent about mine too?"
Gabe: If you're close to him, he immediately drops everything to listen. If he doesn't know you, he'll most likely say no and walk off, but if he can see you're really having a bad day, he'll just sit there quietly and listen. If he hates you, he'll just flat out ignore you.
Patrice: She's usually very busy, so if she doesn't have time, she'll give the number for a talk line where you can vent to someone. If she's free, she'll sit and listen.

@Mojack group

In most cases, Kyrios would say no. He might even laugh beforehand - before saying “Oh, you’re being serious. No.”
But if you’re close to him, Kyrios will listen. He may not say yes - but he will stick around and listen. Although he rarely offers advice.
Only the closest of people to Kyrios directly receive an answer of yes.

Siirawyn often prefers to deflect. It’s not that he dislikes you - but that he has no clue how to handle these things. At all. If you try to bring it up again, he’ll hurry along the conversation before trying to make an escape.

@Rabbi_Arsonist group

Milaka: Of course dear

Levi: The Fck is that? *realizes the meaning Oh- I mean, idc (actually cares but can't say yes)

Lisha: Sure, I'll forget though :(

Abree: Sure!

Loki: ….
(Unless your Adelaide then no)

Adelaide: uhhh
(Depends on who you are to her.)


Nouri: What is it you wish to tell me? I'm all ears.

William: Uhh alright what about it.

Okoru: okay do you need advice, consulting, someone to talk to I got chu boo

Zuul: I'm no good at thins go talk to my sister Okoru instead

Forn: aww of course I'm here it's okay (bonus possessed Forn: eww no go away)

Shilm: walks away

Noco: K

Lind: Hmmm no

Noa: Sure!

Nym: Nope.

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Jade: mhmm.

Merana: is a lion

Paul: sure bro

Hope: whatever you need hugs you

Verian: sinks into the ground

Miriana: what are you, a child?

Triston: completely ignores you

@Rabbi_Arsonist group

Sits and stares at you expectingly

Levi: Uhmmm sure!

Abree: the fck? No!
*Comforts you anyways

Sure, but i'll forget through


Of course! Talk to me about anything :D


Oh… Sure… I guess.

(If your close:) Sure.

Of course dear!

Eh? I was about to take my nap..
But.. sure

Wha? No

Why? Did someone treat you wrong?

Uh.. Sure. I'm not as good as comfort than my siblings though.. I wish I was..
(You'd end up comforting her instead of her comforting you*

(I'm to finish all my characters- I'm sorry)