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This is a Prompt to make a character(Can use any Playlist)

  1. Put your playlist on shuffle and click play
  2. The First Song is your character's design
  3. The Second song is their personality
  4. The Third song is about their relationship with their partner
  5. The Fourth song is about their relationship with their family
  6. The Fifth song is their name meaning (The meaning behind his name is the meaning of the song)
  7. The Sixth song is about their religion
  8. The Seventh Song is their weapon(Let's say that you get a song that is a song then you would have a slow weapon like a greatsword)

This is what I got
I making my character male

  1. (Art Of Darkness by The Stupendium) My Character is a character that has a black suit with a soul-less face.
  2. (Blood // Water By Grandson) My Character hides his true self from people and acts all quiet and nice but a person full of rage
  3. (Satanic Cypher by DEMONDICE) My Character's relationship is that they don't have one.
  4. (Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger By Daft Punk) My Character's relationship with his family is bad but he pushes his self to work harder and make them proud
  5. (Let It Bang By Rustage) Aiden in real life means Little Fire but In a story, his name means Pyromaniac or Explosion Starter
  6. (Perfect By Gameboyjones Feat. Fabvl and Daddyphatsnaps) His Religion is that he is the best and the peak of the food chain
  7. (Rest Employed By The Stupendium) The song is slow but it's about Death and the grim Reaper so I have a scythe



For some time I had a playlist of songs that weren't soundtracks, lemme put it back together and try this out

@sheabutter group

Ok here we go!

  1. (Power by Little Mix) My character is a woman with dark skin, curly hair, and biker-style clothes.
  2. (Do or Die by 30 Seconds to Mars) My character is a determined fighter, close to her friends and loyal to whoever she's fighting for (or maybe she fights for herself).
  3. (Salute by Little Mix) She's either asexual or a rockin' lesbian with a biker gf.
  4. (Pompeii by Bastille) My character's family is likely gone/dead and my character remembers them often.
  5. (Seven Years by Lukas Graham) Ajara means the forever young or the everlasting.
  6. (Soldier Poet King by The Oh Hellos) The song is about Christianity and the return of Christ so I'm gonna say Ms. Ajara is a devout Christian.
  7. (Ready as I'll Ever Be from Tangled: the Series) This song gives off some very strong sword vibes, like a cavalry sword of some sort.

I love her already. Ajara the badass Christian biker lesbian with a sword. She has my heart.


Ooh! This looks fun!

  1. (Cotard's Solution by Will Wood and the Tapeworms) My character's a gaunt, pale man with black hair and a tattered, cheap-looking suit.
  2. (Rät by Penelope Scott) He's ambitious and passionate, but naïve. Considerably book-smart, but doesn't know as much as he thinks he knows.
  3. (Zombie by Dionysia) Lifeless.
  4. (Body by Megan Thee Stallion) ?????????? UHHHHH???????? NO?????????
  5. (Soviet Trumpeter by Katzenjammer) His name is Eddie since this song is based on the story of Eddie Rosner.
  6. (ツキ by FAKE TYPE.) I can't come up with anything religious related to this song, so he's probably atheist.
  7. (Cabinet Man by Lemon Demon) AN ARCADE CABINET??? I guess he fights with an arcade cabinet. Like, a whole ass arcade cabinet. He just… throws it at people?? Ok

Eddie is so… weird?? And I love him, oh my god.

@Dinosore19 group

Neat! Lemme Try!

  1. (Bodyache by Purity Ring) I have no earthly idea. the song is about body pain so maybe my character is wearing a hospital gown?
  2. (Hymn for the Weekend by Coldplay) My character is devoted and compassionate. She wants to help people, especially those who have been hurt, but also expects something in return.
  3. (We Didn't Start The Fire by Billy Joel) My character has a rough relationship with their partner because so many things happen between themselves that they had no control over, but they want to appoint the blame on someone so they berate each other frequently.
  4. (Sea Castle by Purity Ring) My character has a strained relationship with her family. They don't understand her or her thoughts, but she desperately wants them to understand. She wants to feel a connection with them even though they're so cut off from each other.
  5. (prom dress by mxmtoon) Lets say her name is Carrie because of the movie/book Carrie. I think she went to prom and killed everyone or something and just like in the song, she is having an awful time.
  6. (Stayin Out All Night by Wiz Khalifa & Fall Out Boy) My character's religion would be the Cult of Dionysus. idk the song is about partying and drinking.
  7. (House of Memories by Panic! At the Disco) My character fights with telekinetic powers. Idk the Carrie theme stuck with me and there is a huge emphasis on dreams and memories in the song which are all facets of the mind so yeah she's got mind powers.

This was fun! I might try it again in my free time on my own ^u^


Oooooh, this looks fun! I did two, hope that's okay :D

Character 1:

  1. Happy Ending (MIKA) - My character is non-binary. Enjoys wearing grey or black clothes. Sticks bright flowers in their hair, behind their ear, or on their backpack. Lots of freckles. Short, curly, ash-blonde hair. There's a hole in the sleeve of their fav sweater but it has sentimental value so they refuse to throw it out. Floppy sleeves.
  2. Things I'd Do for U (Astronomyy) - A hopeless romantic, loves deeply and is incredibly loyal, but otherwise quite a pessimistic, anxious person. Enjoys travelling. Imaginative.
  3. Bat Out of Hell (Meat Loaf) - Huh…I think the song is about a motorbike crash? So ultimately, this character's love life is gonna be a wreck (bitch me too tf). This character has one person they're absolutely smitten by, and it's very much a 'we can't seem to stay away from each other even though we really should' kind of relationship. Doomed to fail and my character is probz gonna be the one who gets hurt. Big sad.
  4. Cowboy Casanova (Carrie Underwood) - Manipulative father. Mother isn't in the picture. This character grew up desperately wanting to impress their father but never seemed to be able to. The dads probably the villain In this character's story. Classic. (ignoring the fact this song is about a bad love relationship lol)
  5. Come Alive (The Greatest Showman) - Phoenix, but they go by Nix/Nyx for short.
  6. Radioactive (Imagine Dragons) - Uh, potentially Agnostic.
  7. La Bicicleta (Carlos Vives, Shakira) - A…bike?

Character 2:

  1. Roaring 20's (Panic! At The Disco) - In his twenties, dark hair, wears a suit, sunglasses, has an award-winning smile, smokes, seen often with a glass of bourbon. Rich boy vibes.
  2. Wolf In Sheep's Clothing (Set it Off) - Manipulative. Hotheaded. Conflicted. Bit of a crook. Hates having to deal with other people's shit. A big believer in karma, and revenge. Holds grudges like there's no tomorrow.
  3. Wings (Little Mix) - Okay, change of tone here lol. He's dated a lot of people but never settled down with anybody. Doesn't really have any shame, and has definitely been involved in a few scandals. Very confident and charming, but he's a hard guy to keep up with.
  4. Old Fashioned (Panic! At the Disco) - Lost his parents in his teen years, drinks a lot because of it. Has siblings but they all dealing with their own issues and rarely talk to each other anymore. Misses his childhood.
  5. Shotgun (George Ezra) - The song is about hills or something in Barcelona, so I guess this dude is Spanish now. He can be called Montserrat which means jagged mountain. Monte for short :)
  6. House of Memories (Panic! At the Disco) - This guy apparently really likes PATD. There isn't really a theme of religion in the song i can see, but I get the vibe he was raised Christian and doesn't treat it very seriously anymore, probably has more atheist views deep down.
  7. Secret (The Pierces) - Information, I guess. He's got a bunch of dirt on people.

K I invested way too much time into this but it was fun! Take my two disaster children.


  1. Something For Your M.I.N.D. (Superorganism) pretty cool looking, resting bitch face, wears whatever the hell they wanna, and what's a better word for quirky?
  2. A Rush of Blood to the Head (Coldplay) and ANGRY BOY who just wants to fight and beat people up. rebel without a cause, maybe a little unstable and probably has thought about arson at least a couple of times, if he hasn't already done it
  3. Information Travels Faster (Death Cab for Cutie) welp, i guess he's estranged from his partner but he's moved on while they have not
  4. Animal (Sir Chloe) oh BOY he has a very bad relationship with his family. rip to him ig. they kinda neglected him oop-
  5. The Less I Know the Better (Tame Impala) how to find a name that means cheating/unfaithfulness/breaking up?? the best i'll get is tristan or brennan
  6. Transatlanticism (Death Cab for Cutie) girl i dont even know what religion this would be so i'll go with nonreligious
  7. BOYFREN (LoveLeo) okay so he uses a human weapon or flirtation skills… interesting

@tomat brightness_7

Okay, so this is my Daughter playlist, so every song is theirs (uh that's gonna be gloomy).

  1. Youth - my character wears white clothes and always has messy hair.
  2. Smoke - they have low self-esteem and are very insecure about themselves.
  3. Burn it Down - their partner unexpectedly left them, and they don't know why. They had a good relationship but now my character became angry and bitter after their breakup.
  4. Still - they live together but they don't have any feelings toward each other anymore.
  5. To Belong - their name may mean "escape" or "isolation" (I'm not so sure if I picked the right words to describe my feeling) and I have no idea what name should I give to them.
  6. Tomorrow - they were once a believer but something traumatic happened and they don't want to do anything with gods now.
  7. A Hole in the Earth - I'm seeing a light and fragile bow, but small daggers would also fit.

Yes, that's gloomy. Maybe I'll do this once again with a more uplifting playlist. It was nice doing this, thanks for the idea ^-^


Arrrright I'm finally done

1) "Leave Me Alone" by Michael Jackson
Well… AFAIK the song is inspired from Michael's troubles, so what I'm gonna do is make my guy resemble him
Imma give him the same slightly dark skin tone Michael had around the time he made the song, and also black curly hair and dark punk-y clothes like in the Bad album cover

2) "Paralyzer" by Finger Eleven
Frequents clubs but gets really awkward with women (that aren't his mate)

3) "Dear Mr. Fantasy" by Traffic
He has to constantly act humorous to lift up his mate's spirits, but that's been starting to take a toll on his emotional state
Yet he has to mask it.
For his dear.

4) "Bad to the Bone" by George Thorogood and the Destroyers
…He… He acts tough n' bad with his family I guess?????

5) "Hero" by All Insane Kids
Masao (正雄) - 正 meaning "right, correct" like how the song says "make it right" and "undo wrong", and 雄 means "hero"

6) "Creeping in My Soul" by Cryoshell


7) "Heathens" by Twenty One Pilots
…Ok, I see no relation to weapons in the meaning of this song so Imma say he has no weapon

(i swear i'm not this edgy, i just have these cuz they're bops-)

@requiemisback language

ooo here's my attempt with the prompt :o also note: my entire playlist is just stuff from the ENA soundtrack plus some webcore songs and all so- this may be a little messy

  1. (icosa by Oliver Buckland) well the cover has a three-toned upside down triangle on it so i'll have the character wear that design on their shirt. as for other design aspects, this song has a very joyful vibe so i'll make the character have very bright colors, but also muted like the song cover.

  2. (Angel by metaroom) The title has "angel" in it, so i'll fit that in their personality- like, maybe they think they're a saint but actually aren't?? and the song has a lot of energy to it, so i'll make them energetic to boot with the "angel" thing.

  3. (An Obsession With Kit by Graham Kartna) so, the title has "obsession" in it, so maybe this character can be, like, obssesive over their partner??? i think that'd be cool

  4. (Ghost by Machine Girl) well, the ghost thing makes me think "hey maybe they're invisible to their family" so i'll go with that for the family relationship.

  5. (backroom labyrinth by Oliver Buckland) ????? i can't really tell if there's a meaning to the song since there isn't words or anything, but the vibe feels chill yet has a sense of unease, so if there's a name that fits with that then i'll go with it for them.

  6. (Amalgam by Toby Fox) religion,,, huh,,,,, maybe their religion is like so much of a mish-mash to the point where they don't even know what religion they practice anymore???

  7. (Temptation Stairway [Waltz Version] by metaroom) i- i don't know, man. i can't think of any weapon that fits this song hhghhghhjd

@ToWorldsUnknown group

1.) (Runs in the Family by Amanda Palmer) The character is probably scrawny, pale, and sickly-looking.

2.) (Blame it on the Kids by AViVa) They're probably a temperamental person who wants to escape their current life situation.

3.) (Sunflower Vol. 6 by Harry Styles) To the character, their partner is the sunshine of their life and always makes them happy.

4.) (bury a friend by Billie Eilish) Their relationship with their family is strained and cold. They cannot wait to move on with their life and away from their family.

5.) (Church by Fall Out Boy) Bruh I have no idea, maybe their parents named them for religious reasons but the character has floated away from said religion.

6.) (Treat People With Kindness by Harry Styles) The main reason the character ditched their old religion is because its members did not do exactly that.

7.) (Blinding Lights by The Weekend) I have no idea, maybe something with fire?


(Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet ~ FOB)– very attractive, deep voice, ladies' man sort of guy. Well-dressed, disheveled in a suave way.

(I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me ~ FOB)– cynical, harbor grudges, and is easily angered.

(The Patron Saint Of Liars And Fakes ~ FOB)– Not good, apparently. He was lied to constantly and was cheated on, making him wary of relationships now.

(Na Na Na ~ My Chemical Romance)– He was left as a child and consequently grew up a little bit reckless and wild.
(The Music Or The Misery ~ FOB)– His name is Adam, which means the first man because this song is about the order in which things happened.

(Nobody Likes The Opening Band ~ IDKHBTFM)– Atheist- no one thinks he's going to get anywhere, like heaven or paradise, but he doesn't care

(27 ~ FOB)– Poisons? the song's about doing drugs and whatnot so??
(i swear i listen to more than Fall Out Boy)

@trainwreck404 group

(I have a very long playlist so here's the chaos that came from it)

  1. (Don't Stop Believin' - Journey) 80s vibes with big hair and a colorful jacket
  2. (Fox On The Run - Sweet) loud, adventurous, and hella reckless
  3. (girls - girl in red) ah so they're a lesbian. they just really love their girlfriend and they have a cute cottagecore-esque relationship
  4. (Infinitesimal - Mother Mother) very open relationship that kinda feel more like a friend group than a family, which is sometimes great and sometimes not super healthy
  5. (Music Again - Adam Lambert) - no clue what their name is, but it's something bold and loud
  6. (Lay All Your Love On Me - ABBA) cult? cult.
  7. (Painkiller - Beach Bunny) either drugs or just jealous-fueled rage

this character scares me but I love them


  1. Stand Tall(Pokemon The Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel) - A T H L E T E, also this guy can show up one day with impeccable fashion sense and wear basketball shorts in the dead of winter the next day lmao
  2. Wolf in Sheep's Clothing(Set It Off) - Ah, a bastard. He was hurt at one point in his life and tends to close himself off and lash out when he thinks someone's trying to hurt him again. Secretly, he wants to try and build relationships, but he's terrified that he'll be hurt again. Swears like a damn sailor.
  3. Settle It In Smash(Yungtown, Garret Williamson) - So the partner is a gamer lmao. They tend to settle disputes over party or fighting games, like Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, or Mario Party. Where these games tend to cause tension for other people, they bring these two closer together.
  4. The Other Side(from The Greatest Showman; Annapantsu and Cami-Cat cover) - His parents were probably not the greatest and passed away when he was a teen. His aunt and uncle took him in after that happened, I imagine the conversation trying to convince him to open up to them had similar vibes to this song? Idk it's a weird one to have a family dynamic to.
  5. I Need A Hero(Covered by Annapantsu again) - Hercules, because not only is he a famous hero but the name is mentioned in the song!!
  6. Anchorage(Marian Call) - Well, that was a shift in tone dkslavkn. As for religion, I feel like he's had a few bad experiences with Christianity and started adopting other beliefs until he kind of became an agnostic patchwork of different ideas. Right now, he doesn't really think about religion a whole lot and is more focused on his relationship and life goals
  7. Vs. Bede(Kamex Remix) - Knives, probably? The song's pretty fast-paced and I feel like those are pretty quick weapons. Also Bede looks like that one cat meme, the one where everyone's pointing knives at it

@requiemisback language

i'm actually gonna try this prompt again cuz hghgmngngn i have a new playlist i wanna try out. hopefully this'll work out better than my last try XD

  1. (Where's My Juul?? by Full Tac ft. Lil Mariko) well… the cover itself is like… a whole design in and of itself so hell yeah that was an easy one i'll just have the cover be their design ig

  2. (SIU by Maretu) okay. this one's also kinda easy. maybe they're like… one of those people who say "men don't cry" and like,,, "suck it up" kinda like that title lmao. they're all-in with gender stereotypes apparently- also. HATES CHILDREN. DEF HATES CHILDREN. TELLING FROM THE LYRICS OF THIS SONG, SEEMS TO DEF HATE CHILDREN????

  3. (Kitsuneno yomeiri/Spider and the Kitsune-Like Lion by MASA Works Design) definitely a toxic relationship. maybe my character is like??? manipulative and like,,, borderline psychotic???? idk man, the lyrics are literally talking about cannibalism idk what to tell you

  4. (The Fox's Wedding by MASA Works Design) well… wELL. maybe my character like… really hates their parents. considers murdering them at times. also thinks their parents are out to get them, hence the "are you going to skewer me?" lyrics from the eng trnslation.

  5. (Magical Doctor by Maretu) honestly… the… the song does have reference to drugs (via mushrooms) and like… maybe their name can have something to do with drugs. maybe something like Shroom or something, just to tie with the mushrooms??? that or their name can be tied to medical fields, since the song heavily suggests the doctoral thing.

  6. (Washing Machine Heart [Vocaloid cover] by thquib ft. GUMI Eng) okay… this song doe deal with love-based topics… and Christianity is known as the religion fo love so…. they're def Christian

  7. (Coin locker Baby by Maretu) hm… the song is very fast for the most part, but kinda slows down near the end. maybe Shroom's weapon is like… a gun with limited ammo space?? like, i can only imagine a machine gun fitting that description tbh. maybe a bright rainbow machine gun oh hell yeah a rainbow machine gun sounds rad

that went fairly better than my other attempt. i may develop Shroom some more, i love them to bits already but god are they a literal disaster

Deleted user

  1. 'Crash My Car' by COIN - I'm picturing tousled dirty blonde hair, sunkissed skin, bright brown eyes, zany graphic t-shirts that predominantly feature the colors orange and white, and bulky jackets.
  2. 'Run With Me' by The Ready Set - A free-spirited extrovert who absolutely loves dragging their friends into all kinds of mayhem and then takes the fall when they inevitably get into trouble. The kind of person to drunkenly wobble across rooftops in the dark, the one who kisses their partner's hand flirtily, and the one who thrives under the spotlight.

  3. 'FMO' by Unlike Pluto - Well, this took a dark turn. It appears as if they and their partner had a good thing going until mine said something hurtful and the partner retaliated rather severly. My character still loves their partner, but they can't just keep putting up with the emotional abuse. It's possible the partner had an affair.

  4. 'Home' by Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors, Bebe Rexha - Another unfortunate turn. My character feels sentiment towards their family, but they never felt truly safe or at home with them. Maybe they weren't accepted. Either way, they're desperate to find that feeling of acceptance and love from someone else now.

  5. 'NO NAME' by NF - Ironic, I'll admit. Let's go with Aurum. The way I interpret this song is a desire to be true to yourself without caving to the opinions of others. Aurum means something along the lines of 'possessing a deep inner truth'.

  6. 'The Kids Aren't Alright' by Fall Out Boy - My character's been beaten down so much in life that they don't believe there's a god—or if they do, they believe the god is cruel and uncaring for the people of the world.

  7. 'Miss Murder' by AFI - Another ironic one. This character's weapon is something steady, consistent—reliable. Something that could be an outlet for a lot of emotion. Let's go with brass knuckles!

@Dragoncita group

  1. Rise of the Dragon Empire - Bloodbound:
    Human form - Male, straight silver hair that reaches the middle of his back, eyes a piercing ice blue with black pupils, skin pale but not a sickly pale, preferred clothing light armor covering his body
    Dragon form - A great beast with silver scales, a black dorsal stripe running from the tip of his muzzle down his back and to the tip of his tail. The webbings of his wings are black, but speckled with silver, giving an illusion of stars lining his wings. The horns upon his head curve back then slightly upwards towards the tips, the tips being black, while the horns themselves silver. His eyes remain the same color as in human form; ice blue with black pupils
    Body is lithe, built for speed and swift movements

  2. Silver for Monsters - From Witcher 3 soundtrack:
    A mysterious, yet chaotic air always seems to surround him. He is calm, yet always calculating the next move, next possible danger
    Everyone and everything is a possible enemy to him, and he will figure out their weakness, one way or another

  3. War Feeds War - Blind Guardian Twilight Orchestra:
    An unfortunate pairing from the beginning, the 'hate-love' relationship of the pair constantly clashing
    A dragonslayer sent to kill him, and yet each time he slips away with barely a scratch
    The feud of hunter and prey constantly pulling back and forth
    Rare moments the pair find each other facing one another, exchanging words…a fleeting moment of peace, before once again they are at each other's throats

  4. O Valhalla - SKALD:
    His family has already passed onto the afterlife after a war with the humans
    Though he was close with both, being an only chick, having no other siblings.
    Often he is drawn to the graves he built in honor of them both
    He prays that they were blessed by the high one to be reborn as Holy Dragons and serve their mighty God, and one day he may join them

  5. Our Solemn Hour - Within Temptation:
    Sokei'fil - in draconic his name means Solemn Star
    As he hatched on a solemn day among dragon kind
    The corruption had appeared, taking many lives of dragons that day, leaving the Dragon Kingdom in a wake of chaos and misery, the loss of so many weighing heavily upon the hearts of many beasts that day
    Though his parents, despite the sorrowful happenings, saw him as a small beacon of light in the dreary times, a star to shine in the darkness

  6. Where Red Paints the Ocean - Paddy and the Rats:
    A devout follower of the Goddess of War
    He revels in the glory of combat, constantly pushing himself into near-death experiences, in order to just 'feel alive', and in turn earn him a higher place in the Goddess of War's eyes
    If he were to earn her favor, he would have a guaranteed place amongst the holy dragons when he passes on to the next life

  7. Archangel - Elena Siegman, Malukah, Clark S. Nova:
    Preferred weapon choice when in human form is a well built scythe, light yet maneuverable
    In his dragon form, all natural with claws, fangs, and horns
    His breath is a black fire. When charging his abilities, he can breath a pure beam of silver energy that holds devastating powers, carving through stone buildings with ease
    Can release a black orb from his jaws that can gather the energy of all incoming attacks, and release those attacks in a single blow that more often than not levels entire places, though this depends on how much energy the orb gathered

@threesacult group

(This is such a cool idea!!)

1. Lonely Vampire by Weathers
I thought it’d be fun to take this quite literally and decided on making my character an actual vampire and giving her a closed-off vibe. Perhaps a bit of an edgy sense of fashion, but still good at blending in with a crowd. Nothing to do with the song, but I’ll also decide now that she’s lesbian and uses she/they pronouns :)

2. Weight of the World by Shayfer James
So they’re an absolute bastard, I see. She’s a very cutthroat person, only looking out for herself and not at all concerned with hurting other people if it furthers her own goals. They very much have a survival of the fittest mentality. They think they’re just doing what they must to survive in the world and aren’t interested in helping anyone else along the way.

3. Violence by The Unlikely Candidates
…This is possibly the worst song they could’ve gotten for this category. Oh man.
This song is literally about an extremely toxic relationship, so she’s with an abusive partner but doesn’t see a means of getting out of the relationship.

4. Monsters by All Time Low
Another toxic relationship, apparently, but this time with her family. I’m taking it to mean that deep down, they desperately want to be loved by their family, but every time she try to give them another chance they screw her over again.

5. Home by Phillip Phillips
Hestia is the first thing I came up with that more or less fits the meaning of “home”, so there we are lol

6. Laplace’s Angel by Will Wood
Oh, this is a fun one for this category. Ties in nicely with the song she got for her personality too. Not sure about religion specifically, but in terms of general beliefs, seems like they have a very interesting view of good versus bad, and possibly don’t believe in “good” or “bad” people at all. The song basically is arguing that the singer isn’t really bad and that the listener can’t judge him, because if they were in his position they would be doing the exact same thing. Lots of lines like “It doesn’t take a killer to murder / It only takes a reason to kill”, so that’s a pretty clear philosophy for her to have.

7. Nobody Likes The Opening Band by IDKHOW
Hmm, feels maybe like a light, delicate-looking weapon, maybe a concealed one. It’d be fun if she uses small sneaky things like poisoned perfume and a pistol concealed in her umbrella.

Thanks for making this prompt, @Stroylia-Knight! I’ll definitely be using it again in the future :)

@trainwreck404 group

i did this already but i really wanted to do it again because i thought it was fun.

  1. Don't Fear The Reaper - Blue Öyster Cult
    I'm imagining a grim reaper-type character, with the big hood and a face you can't quite see.
  2. Another Believer - Rufus Wainwright (Meet The Robinsons)
    …well we're off to a great start. Very future-driven and ambitious, but also generally optimistic.
  3. Oh No! - MARINA
    Oh no. It's a very unbalanced relationship, with one partner (based on my previous answer, I'll assume it's them) is very forward and ambitious and the other is very much not so and is kinda holding them back.
  4. Ghosting - Mother Mother
    And that's on abandonment and parental issues. Probably at least a semi ab*sive household and strict parents with a very "children should be seen and not heard" mindset.
  5. Bleak December - Set It Off
    Whatever their name is, it means two-faced, semi-abusive, and untrustworthy. And it might have something to do with winter/cold.
  6. Don't You Want Me - The Human League
    I know I said cult the last time I did this, but once again: cult.
  7. Baby Hotline - Jack Stauber
    I'm just imagining them swinging around a rotary phone and using it as a sort of club. Or even using the actual phone receiver and cord as a sort of nunchuck. Rotary phones are dangerous.