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Okay so if it's a period piece, I mostly deal with the struggles of going stealth (something I've been going through lately since I started T) and passing, if it's modern or future I tend to discuss dysphoria and oppression. I also tie in themes of sexuality, or lack of it, and themes of coming out and the fallout. Sometimes I'll reference abuse in my stories, and mental health too. Idk I like to write what I know ya know?

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So for mine it’s fantasy so there isn’t a lot of issues that Gavriel (my trans oc) faves because he’s an alchemist and he sorta just kinda adjusted his body to what he wanted, but there is still some prejudice against trans people that he’s struggled with in his own domestic setting with his parents that has lead to him not talking to his parents that much

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Most of the time, I don't even bring up the fact that they're trans, and only include that information in flashbacks. As a trans person myself, I like to imagine a world where I'm accepted.

In my most recent story, one of the main characters is trans, and he's trying to figure out how to tell his friend (the main-main character). He's also faced transphobia from family members.