forum If your character was in highschool, What would their report card look?
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The Triplets (Faith, Hope and Love): All A's, and they'd never skip. Well, I take that back. They'd skip, but only their least favourite class(es)

Sadie: Wouldn't even show up at all and would still pass highschool.

Shade: Um- skips everything but Environmental Sciences, lol. And that's the only class she'd take. And she'd be top of her class.

Alice: Would blow off everything and probably win over everyone with her charisma.

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Simon: Mostly Bs with a couple of As in the classes they really care about. Way too anxious to skip class, even the ones they hated.
CJ: High Bs and low As pretty consistently, although they absolutely skipped some of their classes, especially the boring ones. They paid attention enough to get pretty good grades though.
Logan: Straight As because strict parents wouldn't settle for anything less. Skipped class once on accident and almost had a mental breakdown in the principal's office because of it. They took it off his record.
Dean: Lots of Cs and a couple Ds in stuff he didn't care about. Moved way too much for any information to really stick. Skipped class constantly but wasn't punished much for it because he never stuck around for long.
Henry: Also high Bs and low As. Only skipped class a couple times but he never got caught.'

Madeline: Straight As but she cheated for all of them. Probably could get good math & science grades if she tried, but she just doesn't care enough. Constantly skipped class to smoke and make out with people in the bathrooms.
Ava: Mid-range As usually but a couple of Bs. Also much too anxious to skip class, but she usually just genuinely cared about what she was learning.
Peter: Mostly Bs and Cs, since he rarely cared about his classes. Skipped class every once and awhile, but usually unintentionally.
James: Fairly consistent Bs, but he absolutely skipped classes, especially before he met Ava. A lot less after they were together though.
Xavier: Also straight As that he cheated to get. Rarely came to class and spent most of school hiding in the bathrooms and selling drugs to freshmen.