forum If your character's house was burning down, what objects would they grab first?
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I'll go first-

Adisa: She'd get Dominic (her cat) and her phone. If she had time, maybe the stuffed hippo Flo got her for her birthday. She'd casually walk out of the house and watch it burn.
Flora: Her phone, the little clay sculpture Haven made her in art class, and that's probably it. She'd make sure her parents got out safe and cry while the house burned.
Uri: He honestly doesn't care, he can just manifest a new one.
Luc: Same as Uri, except for the tshirt he has from the concert him and Flo went to
Haven: Her drugs, her platform boots, and the flower crown Flo made her. She'd put it all inside the boots. She'd make sure that the whole family was okay first, though, and to be honest, she'd probably laugh as the house burned down.

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Me, having a character who legit lost her ability to speak in a house fire: Ah yes.
Charlotte (said character👀): ✨PTSD✨ (JK, probably her family. Like she’d legit leave everything to burn just to make sure her mom and sister are ok- even all three of them have fire magic so they can’t be burned-)
And I’m busy w/ school work So I’m gonna use my other story since I’ve never mentioned them on here before
Camden: His art binder and anything Viviana gave him that he could grab (which he probably keeps in a box or smth)
Viviana: Would also grab any art she can save, and the Phoenix feather she has from Bishop’s death (I think Camden would have this in the same box as Viviana’s things so)
Bishop/Phoenix (Same person, Bishop died and has the magic of a Phoenix- the idiot chose his name as Phoenix when he was ‘reborn’): Has Fire manipulation so would just try to put it out (Uh Charlotte would also do this if she wasn’t having a panic attack-)
Alvaro: Alvaro can burn- what? Oh- uh. Probably something stupid like a random Monster Drink he has beside his bed, and ig I can’t get mad at him for wanting to grab his money- Doesn't deserve to get it in time tho
Kadia: has the power of a Dragon so also has fire manipulation, but I’m like 90% sure she’d forget that and just run out of the house holding as many ball gowns and crowns as she can
Eudora: Quickly grabs secret scrap book she has of stuff Kadia has given her, but definitely also grabs her fave jacket or smth too (My gay fashion gfs lol)
Algon: Still don’t know a lot about him, but probably doesn’t have a lot of things he considers important, maybe a few tribal things but other than that he’d probably just sit there like ‘Yeah ok I deserve this’ (not me liking the actual villain over Alvaro lol)

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kit: her cat richie. she adores him
hinata: he probably wouldn;t have a clue what to grab first so he'd just run. he'd also probably be the cause of the fire. he's a klutz and a half lmao
shiro: a fire extinguisher to put out the fire
kuro: shiro's leg. he'd literally just cling to shiro's leg and just. cry
vess: also would just run. probably helped hinata start the fire

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Octavian: His phone and his first aid kit (he's the dad of the group). He'd run to everyone's room to see if they're okay
Onyx: Baby photos and their laptop. They'd run to the makeshift hot tub they'd made with Omari (one can tell it's their favourite room/place)
O'Donnell (he goes by his last name): A safe and his dad's jersey. He'd calmly walk out.
Omari: His water bottle (filled with water) and his bag full of food (with Onyx's favourite snacks). Run to Onyx's room.

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Gavin & Fenris: They’ll both grab the emergency backpack and make sure their children are out of the house safely. Then Fenris would scold Gavin for burning down their house.
Syrus: His glasses, a good amount of money, his phone and a book. And then he’ll probably leave the mansion at the last minute.
Goldy: She’s the one who started the fire. But any object that has real gold in it.
Hayden: Get his survival book and a survival pack he had made for times like these, and leave the mansion without making sure any of his family members are okay.
Gloria: Her police ID
Mark: Being the lazy asshole he is, he would most likely scream until someone saved him. But definitely his phone. It means everything to him.


Saorise: the cash
Luther: he would save his sniper and probably use it to kill the firefighters (bcuz why not)
Desdemona: she would've been the one who started the fire
Krishna: he would walk out calmly and not care since he owns at least five mansions in each continent and is rich af


Hotaru: Would probably sleep through it not gonna lie. If he was awake he would grab as many of his notebooks as he could after checking everyone else made it out okay
Itachi: He would sling a probably sleeping Hotaru over his shoulder and run for it
Shinji: Would make sure all four of the boys guardians make it out even though they are all essentially gods then he would go to Rio's room and drag him out
Rio: He would just sit on the floor and rock back and forth. If he had an ounce of self preservation, he would grab the drawing Shinji did of him and the stuffed lizard he won at the carnival Shinji took him to

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Ivy: She'd immediately focus on getting Isla, Alice, Bella and Liv out of there. But if she was going to rescue one possession, it would be her necklace with the ivy and whale charms her sister Esther gave her. (She'd already have the Book safe on her person)

Liv: She'd grab a rucksack and pile everything from her desk from it - she is very well practised in this!

Alice: Completely panicking, she'd frantically search for her locket or the taped-together photo of her and Isla, before running to find someone, Ivy, Isla, anyone.

Isla: She'd be terrified, hyperventilating, because her power is ice and fire is her biggest fear. Her first priority would be finding Alice and then her scrapbook.

Bella: She's immune to fire, as it's her power, so she'd spend hours trying to salvage everything from the house, until she simply becomes too exhausted to carry on.

Jordan: His octopus teddy, or if he wasn't wearing it, his silver ring.


Penny: Probably her golden hair pin if she wasn't already wearing it, and her phone.
Flora: Her mic for sure and made sure everyone in her house got out okay. Also, definitely her phone.
Micheal: his mirror. He cant go three seconds without checking his reflection and his phone.