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Abigail: I have friends in the Ünterworld. You should be running right now. (tries to act intimidating)

Mallory: what why-

Cass: That's- that's just- how dare you sink to my level? GIT OVER HERE SO I CAN KILL YOU!

Frank: Why did you just do that? Now three people are out for your blood!

Wes: Hey, I'm new. Don't clump me with them !

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Sound: *sarcastically * Well, it could be worse.

Dark: *straight up roasts you in return *

Shade: Huh? HEY! continues to yell at you in a very adorable way as she is very smol and cute

Greystone: You know, I feel a little bad for you. Resorting to berating and teasing and all.

Acacia: OI! YA THINK YA CAN GET AWAY WITH SOME INSULT LOIKE THAT, LADDIE/LASSIE? If yer gonna fall to that level, then congrats, laddie/lassie, that’s MY level. COME ON AND FOIGHT MEH!

Vincent: *wheezing with laughter * You know, you’re funny.

Aberforth: *literally just gazing at you. *

Woodsy: I… hey, that’s not nice! You shouldn’t be saying things like that. I mean— *nervously * we’d appreciate if if you wouldn’t.


Lincoln: Explains exactly how and why you're wrong

Chester: Silently agrees with you

Oscar: I'm gonna punch you now.

Harli: Stands there silent trying to think of how he could fix himself to be a better person, because he doesn't want to hurt anyone but you obviously have been

Landers: Okay, but do you wanna be friends?

The Heir: YOU WILL ROT FOR THIS! I'll never let you through death's door you will live forever, the meat will rot off your worthless bones, you will never rest, you will have to live even after everything is gone, you will never feel the peace death brings.

Bowen: Wish I could argue with that.

Sep: That's fair.

Leslie: What did I do?

Jaymison: Looks down at the ground trying not to cry

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Nightshade: Do you have a deathwish?
Sol: Aight well frick you then.
Niko: cries
Luna: Well that would have been better kept to yourself.
Dustball: screams like a demon
Fang: I'll bite the shit out of you

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Apollo: Do you have an Ape in your mind with an AK
ANA: I don't understand
Fritz Lassen: Thank you, sir
Arnold Lassen: Crys Wh-why are yo-you mean
Odin: I can shot you here right now
Sarah: Lucky Tito didn't hear that
Sebastian: What is your problem

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Kelly: Whirling around, eyes alight with fury. "Care to repeat that, motherfucker?" (And then depending on if they're supernatural or human, he'd straight up kill the person.)

Kace: "Aha…" (He'd either be awkwardly rubbing his shoulder or actively attempting to restrain his overprotective dragon girlfriend.)

Alik: Deadpan stare and maybe a yawn. (He's used to verbal abuse from Kelly tbh.)

Quin: "I mean, you're not wrong."

Sivik: "Well that was uncalled for." (Unless it was a dig at his powers, in which case he'd most likely skip to trying to strangle that person or stabbing them with a spoon.)

Luca: Didn't hear it because he's too busy thinking about the game he forgot to preorder.

Noah: "Okay, and??"

Owen: "SAY THAT TO MY FACE, YOU WEIRDO!" followed by "IT'S A FIGURE OF SPEECH" and then "What do you mean it's not a figure of speech???"

Elijah: Lowkey hiding behind Noah until the person leaves.

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Frog: only half paying attention Sorry, what?
Dick: eyes blazing You're gonna need to repeat that because I'm gonna hope you didn't just say what I think you said.
Juniper: doesn't particularly care but is holding Dick back from killing them
Shiloh: Do you have a death wish? Vanessa's behind her with a sword
Vanessa: Yeah, so, I'm a siren witch with access to demon magic, so you're going to want to run.
Alex: just murders them

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Minnie: Jeez dude, who hurt you? (she'd secretly cry about it later)

Sage: I want you to know that I have very sharp claws and I'm barely resisting the urge to peel you like a mango. Don't ever say anything about me or my family again if you want to keep your skin.

Ethan: (Teleports away and comes back with a smoothie, dumping it on their head and flipping them off without ever saying a thing)

Reese: How original. You do realize I could sue you out of existence, right? I'm a Blackwell, douchebag.

@K14N language

Kneel: Silently Pulls out His Axe
Modern!Kneel: "Wh.. and you think that means anything to me..? Confused Grunting"
Optis: Laughs "You were joking… right..?"
Ide: "… Okay."
Majima: "Is that a challenge o a fight or did you actually mean that?"

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Simon: You have made a terrible mistake, my dude. Dean's behind them with several guns
CJ: You have 15 seconds to correct yourself before I kill you. 15…14…13…
Logan: Seems legit.
Dean: See, I don't think you understand. I'm a renowned superhero with a specialty in firearms. I'm dating a very angry bisexual, a very angry Air Force pilot, and a whole ass Disney Prince. Leave now or you'll regret it in the long run.
Henry: loudly so that everyone can hear what they said What? Did you call me a slur? A really rude discriminating slur? How awful! I sure hope no one heard what you just called me because then no one around here will every like or trust you!

Madeline: Oh honey. I'll give you three choices: jump off that ledge, drown yourself in your bathtub, or go fuck yourself. Pick one.
Ava: Sorry? James behind her, ready to slap a bitch
Peter: I don't have time for this. just straight up punches them
James: Check yourself.
Xavier: (this only works if the insult was "Go to hell" or something along those lines) Honey, I've lived there. I'll see you there in checks watch a few months. You don't seem like you'd live too long, considering that curse I just put on you.


Elena blinks a few times and gives a slight smirk
"Is that all? You feel better now?"


Crystal, holding a cigarette between her fingers: Tch. As if I don’t already know.

Ky, hugging onto Aru like her life depends on it: RU-RU THEY’RE BEING MEAN TO ME!!!! 😭😭😭

Aru, awkwardly stratching her neck: Uh.. thanks..?

Ollie, sniffling: …I know…

Lena, wearing the most offended expression you can imagine: NOW LISTEN HERE YOU EXPIRED ABORTION—

Joseph, flipping his hair: See, if I wanted to hear the opinion of a future nobody; I would’ve asked for it. Wait until I do next time, mkay?

Josey, laughing: Who do you think you’re talking to? I have enough pocket-change to buy your worth.

Nile, continuing to read his book: I appreciate the critque. I’ll add that to my grocery list. Although, I don’t think they sell bullshit.

Kate, swinging a knife in her fingers: Awww, how cute. You’re confwident.

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Aurora: fingerguns thanks!
Bo: ya know what? bitch
C.R: lol I know
Bea, in tears: I don't care about you anyway aurora and C.R behind her slowly raising knives
Tallie: tries not to cry but fails miserably
Nina: flips hair you're just mad because I'm amazing (will probably cry about this later)

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Isabella: I've heard worst from my adopted siblings so….yeah…
Rain: Oh…I'm sorry. Did i do something wrong?… soft ghost boi starts to cry
Nova: summons axe I have sacrifice 30,000 creatures to the blood god, you wanna be the 30,001st?
Baxtor: Um…ok. internal sobbing and cries to partners later
Lux: I've had my ex boyfriend shoot me for not wearing enough makeup on a date, your insult is meaningless
Brooklyn: I feel like this is internal anger from trauma, wanna talk about it? pulls out water bottle, cookie bag , and a suffie from book bag
Yumi: Uh no, my feelings.
Tiara:. yo mama starts laughing at dumb that was
Mukoro: that was mean…
Moxxie: Ok!

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Harvey: "I've had it with you people yapping away like you know shit about me. If you wanna throw hands so badly, we can do it right now!"
Tyler: "Oh…okay." Already trying not to cry
Will: Cracks knuckles and starts getting closer
Evelune: "Well I—you—uhhh" Can't come up with a remark
Demio: "Um, rude." Quickly walks away to avoid further conflict
Jemique: "Yeah, whatever, you're going to die anyways."
Aria: "You really think you're in any position to say that about me?"
Valerie: "And you won't like it when I take my shoe and shove it up your—!"
Phoenix: Wheeze "It's funny because you're totally right. Now burn."

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(Dead discussion? Nah, let me fix that)
Kumi: Stays silent, trying not to cry but she ended up crying anyways while thinking how bad she is and how she deserved that Im sorry, i do not know what I did but I am truly sorry..
Maxine: laughs Is that all you have? Man, even kindergarden kids can do way better than you oh and she insults you back but in a more bad way, idk how to insult..

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Ev: "that's what she said"
Jack: [rolls eyes, keeps walking]
Angel: [says nothing but is silently cussing you out in French]
Cece: "Ok cool :P"
Robin: "Sorry, I don't take advice from losers who shop in the Faded Glory section of Walmart"
Dee: "well i'm sorry you feel that way"
Dash: "who asked?" [walks away]
Noah: [cracks knuckles] [starts typing really fast] [notification from your bank about your credit card usage]
Amber: "moi? i'm flattered! :]"
Axel: [holding fists up] Square up b—
Abernathy: "that's detention for you. do you want me to call your mom?"
Shay: "i'll go easy on you since you're a sophomore, but if i hear you talking sh*t about anyone else on this campus i will end you"


Aera: cries
Rin: Challenges you to some sort of duel or competition
Lea: Straight up punches you.
Esta: Walks away without a word.


Micheal Carmen: They've just left the store after buying a bag of cat food. They turn and look at you, confused. "Uh… do I know you?" Or, if they're in a bad mood, they'll 'accidentally' drop the cat food on your foot, then wordlessly pick it up and walk away.
Kyle: He either cries or attempts to stand up for himself, though he stutters the whole time.
Gabe: He insults you first, and is stunned when you say something in retaliation.
Patrice: She rolls her eyes and mutters something along the lines of, 'I don't have time for this.' She then proceeds to spout off a bunch of random facts about plants, using as many scientific phrases as possible, to confuse you before walking away.