forum How do your characters sound in your head?
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We’ve all got internal voices for our characters, whether they’re accurate or not.
What are yours?
(You could describe them if you want but I think it would be more fun to find actual people who sound like them and share videos)


Ooo! I’ve actually been working on stuff like this for my characters! :)

Odin- Pal sverre valheim Hagen

Cal- Lin Manuel

Kevin- Ethan Slater

Cody- Ryan Reynolds

June- Jessica chastain

Alex- Renoly Santiago

Brooke- Numa Perrier

Jomei- jun matsumoto

Akecheta- Jake gyllenhaal

Zachery- Bo Burnham


The Betrayed Veteran: Danielle McRae.
The Sorrowing Medic: Daveed Diggs.
The Frustrated Mechanic: Kristy Wu.
Still working on the Naïve Powerhouse; I have some criteria, and can't quite find any actors who fit all of them.


I always picture Nessa as sounding like a cross between Lynn Gunn and Pippa Soo (aka my 2 polar opposite tastes in music)


Ranir sounds like an older version of this lovely lady, with a slightly deeper voice and a slightly different accent, but yeah, basically Minna

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Holly sounds like Rosa Diaz in my mind.
Ara has a strong French Canadian accent, but I can't find a good example of how I think he'd sound. Closest I could find is Rita Baga but I think Ara's voice would be a little lower.
Andor has a Norwegian accent. The closest voice claim I could find for him is Vegard Ylvisåker which seems very on brand for Andor.