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My favorite character to write for is Jordan because who gave this cheeky fucker the right to have so many good quotes??
"The only thing that's constant in life is that it ends and it's much too soon for your life to hit its constant. So get the fuck out of my way."
"I'm not your hero. I never was. Heroes are too weak to kill, too good to finish the job, too pure to appreciate the beautiful horror of a burning fire. No, I'm not like any hero. I want chaos and I will have it."
"This is what a perfect world looks like. No pain, no suffering, just the burning. Endless and eternal."
"I would say I'm sorry, but I wouldn't mean it. I have no regrets about my legacy."

Like what the fuck how do i come up with these

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I really only have one good one and it's from Lorelai, my villain, but-

"If you believe this is war… you'll never make it out of the trenches."
Have yet to give this one to a character but I really like it-

"That which has no flesh, clouds of death and void, should never be named alive."

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Yarrow is uh… Yarrow's got some good ones, but this one might be a favorite:

"Here’s the thing: my gut is usually wrong, you’re correct, but there are times where it’s right. And I don’t think it’s just cognitive bias at work here. When you have anxiety like mine, everything is kind of a flashing neon ‘danger’ sign. You learn to ignore a majority of the false positives when you can. Sometimes those “false positives” are deceptive. Something that was incorrectly a false one day, might be an actual problem the next. So you never lose the danger signs because they could still be a problem. "

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Oh man, my characters have so many good moments that I'm obsessed with. I guess for now I'll just share some dialogue from the story I'm currently working on.

“Do you know which house is hers?” Keyla asked as she tried to find some small trait that would distinguish each house from its neighbour.
“The sixth or seventh on the left after the next crossroad,” Savona replied confidently.
“The sixth or the seventh?” Calidor asked.
“That's right.”
“Well, which is it?”
Savona shrugged. “I guess we’ll find out when we get there.”

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i'll share my personal favorites, but warning for cursing

"“Try to word your requests a certain way and you should be able to get yourself out." // “Or, you know, use your powers, dumbass!”

thunder mom: if there is any swearing in my good christian minecraft server imma ground you
impala67: fuck
thundermom: what did I just say

Peter glared at her. “You fucking bitch!” He ripped himself from Jack’s grip and charged at her, only for her to grab him by the chin, scratching his neck and cheeks with her nails.
“Say that again.” She grinned with a terrifying glint in her eyes. “I dare you.”
Peter froze and glanced at Jack before looking her back in the eyes. “You. Fucking. Bitch.”