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I compiled a bunch of randomized OC scenario thingies from Pinterest. As far as I know, they're by haxor478 on Deviant Art. They're supposed to be drawn, but I think you can still write stories with them.

Camping trip (4 characters):
Birthday Party (5 characters):
Carnival (5 characters):
Spouse Swap (4 characters):
Time Travel (5 characters):
Body Swap (2 characters):
Random 1 (5 characters):
Random 2 (5 characters):
At the Zoo (5 characters):
At the Movies (3 characters):
Truth or Dare (5 characters):
Quest (2 characters):
Bakery (5 characters):
Restaurant Fiasco (5 characters):
Wild House Party (5 characters):
At the Mall (5 characters):
Alien Apocalypse (5 characters):
Barbeque (5 characters):

[Sorry, I know there's a lot. I hope you have fun with them though. :)]