forum Enter your character(s) into the Hunger Games Simulator !!!
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Let's try something fun!

Give me one or two (maximum) characters and I'll put them in this Hunger Games Simulator!
I'll take a maximum of 10 entries!! Meaning we should have 10 to 20 participants!!

How to enter

Please fill in this form:

Pronouns: (If they use neo pronouns, please let me know in an "ey/em/eir/emself" format)
⬇ Image or link to character page gallery attached ⬇

If you wanna enter two characters, go ahead! But I'll keep note how many are being entered.
There is no set date for when I'll start the simulator, but once we're at a minimum of 10 participants, I will start it if no one else enters!

Content Warning!!

This is a hunger games simulator, so you can imagine that your characters will be in violent (but not too graphic) situations. Don't enter if it makes you uncomfortable. ❤

Anyway, I have nothing else to say so have a nice day!!

Characters Entered: 5/20

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(Fair warning for anyone planning to use an OC who uses they/them or neopronouns: the Hunger Games simulator only accepts she/her and he/him pronouns, unfortunately)

@HighPockets group

Oh cool! I was thinking of the other simulator, I didn't know there were two. I'm glad that this one is more inclusive when it comes to gender!