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NOTE 1: If any of the following are the names of an actual person or derogative it is 100% coincidental. Please use the corresponding name & # of the character(s) that you choose to create, and please use this to describe the skin (type, condition, and undertone {in that order}).

NOTE 2: The project that they are for is set in modern times and is part of the Supernatural universe.

NOTE 3: I want to see what you come up with.

NOTE 4: You may do more than one!

  1. Peter Trainer
  2. Kevin “The Sage” Cromwell
  3. Selena “The Hook” Duval
  4. Kate “The Cat” Walker
  5. Guinevere Walker (No relation to Kate)
  6. Coco Garmen
  7. Darrek Soi
  8. Waine (No last name)
  9. Harmon Lyre
  10. Jasmine Piccalilli
  11. Leriac Escar
  12. Ethan “E.” Scar
  13. Aqena, Goddess of Fertility
  14. Ara, Goddess of Tricks
  15. Ovris, Goddess of Love
  16. Matthyus Ververda
  17. Eliza Ververda
  18. Alexandre Devereux
  19. Gerard Tremaux
  20. Julienne Leroux
  21. Julienne Vigouroux
  22. Walter Wolfram
  23. Annemarie Laufer
  24. Erik Gusztav
  25. Rezso Viktor
  26. Jakob Sarolta
  27. Julianna Sarolta
  28. Alexa Franciska
  29. Julianna Franciska
  30. Christian Rhodes (he's a firefighter)
  31. Christian Argos
  32. Jefferson Nash
  33. Kelly Sarlo
  34. Jasper Hugh
  35. Mia Dhow
  36. Anita Zane
  37. Marc Baldwin
  38. Sgt. Ella Rivera
  39. Erik Vega
  40. Kurt Olan
  41. Quinn Efrem
  42. Owen Nyro
  43. Zane Moto
  44. Matt Zulu
  45. Trevor Paladin
  46. Lemslee Paladin
  47. Alto Hays
  48. Ursa Hilton
  49. Gil Curu
  50. Tara Kyle
  51. Albania Costner
  52. Anna Noir
  53. Kato Olea
  54. Ed Reune
  55. Eta Duval
  56. Nina Edo
  57. Eve Khan
  58. Diana Holm
  59. Maxi Ultra
  60. Alec Xero
  61. Leo Aqua
  62. Omani Palette
  63. Eve Cruz
  64. Nona Otaru
  65. Irma Kern
  66. Mia Kit
  67. Etta Foreman
  68. Raul Psalms
  69. Erma Pilaf
  70. Len Ner
  71. Sierra Raitt
  72. Cora Alda
  73. Myrna Hyde
  74. Yuri Marsh
  75. Ellen No
  76. Zeke Myrna
  77. Tracy Lyric
  78. Tracy Narrow
  79. Ella Iron
  80. Mimi Rapse
  81. Karo Gaye
  82. Chiwan Drew
  83. Scot Hessian
  84. Zero Iowa
  85. Leona LaFlora
  86. Ed D. Yeti
  87. Paul Luise
  88. Lin Seed
  89. Norbert Wellmen
  90. Carl Jones
  91. Rory Queen
  92. Oliver Allen
  93. Henry Jones
  94. Rebecca Dunn
  95. Wendy Clark
  96. Abigail Oswald
  97. Alice Spering
  98. Jessica Harris
  99. Lenore Melbroke
  100. Patrica Salt
  101. Rachel Cross

@NotSoBeautifulDiseaster group

I guess I'll go first
Patrica Salt.
She has dry pale white skin with cool undertones(she is an albino) that is sensitive to the sun with a short stocky build and long coily bleach blonde hair that falls to her back. She usually wears sweaters and sweatpants and has brownish-black eyes.

@sock group

14) Ara, Goddess of Tricks
Ara has normal (condition) olive skin that rarely burns and tans well (type 4), with warm undertones. She enjoys wearing gold jewelry (that may or may not have been stolen). She also wears a lot of greens, wears clothes that make it easier to move, generally with no sleeves. She has a slender build though is surprisingly strong.

Deleted user

45) Trevor Paladin
He's a dark skinned lad with short black hair and forest green eyes. His abilities are teleportation and flyrogenesis. He is slender but twice as strong as normal people. He usually wears a brown sweatshirt with bootcut jeans over western boots.

@trainwreck404 group

92) Oliver Allen
He has medium, sensitive skin with neutral undertones; shoulder-length dark brown hair that he can pull up in a ponytail, and hazel-green eyes. He's always overdressed, even when he consciously tries not to be, so his usual go-to outfit is still a lot nicer than it needs to be: a button-down under a sweater, dress pants, and dress shoes. He also has his ears pierced. He's a little built; not quite enough to be a football linebacker, but enough that you can tell he's played some kind of sport.

@Anxietyfilledcinnamonroll group

4): Kate "The Cat" Walker

Kate has a skin tone in between tan and dark. This color is called cinnamon. It tans fairly well and rarely burns. She has a combination of oily and dry skin. Her skin has a warm undertone. She has angular cheekbones. Her face is round. She has thin, arched eyebrows and almond-shaped eyes. Kate’s hair is a dark, chocolate brown that starts in a soft curl and ends in ringlets. Her eyes are a chestnut brown with a flash of amber. Her eyes are part of the eye and she’s called "The Cat". She smiles most of the time, and if you look close enough, you might see cats like fangs. Kate’s around 5’5 in height and is around 120-123 pounds. She is lithe, and she has small wrists. She’s very nimble and lands on her feet. Kate wears a loose black shirt and jeans. Over her shirt, she wears a light cardigan. Kate wears black boots. She also wears a necklace around her neck like a "collar".

Kate is a cat familiar. She has the abilities of telepathy and shapeshifts into a dark-brown cat with a collar. Kate may or may not also have claws underneath her human nails to use as protection in human form. She serves as a witch, but that doesn’t stop her from pursuing her own hobbies. Kate has a few friends, mostly other familiars, and they dub her "The Cat". She found her master by protecting her from some threat. Kate is easy-going, protective, and panicky.

(Sorry this was so long. If you're talking about the show Supernatural in note 2, it's one of my favorite shows and an inspiration :3)

@SupernaturalSyGuyIsTIred group

(Sorry this was so long. If you're talking about the show Supernatural in note 2, it's one of my favorite shows and an inspiration :3)

Yes, I meant the show. I'm a bit obsessed with it! This is for a fanfic I've been working on. 😁