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Generally solid basis, reads like somebody that I could have actually met back in my school days.

When thinking about character development though, I mostly wonder 1. if they will change their personality or worldview during the story, and/or 2. what they add to plot, character relationship dynamics, or the mood/aesthetic of the story.

That's for general feedback, when it comes to details—If his favorite color is indigo, why would his hair be green? (Only curiosity about that tiny detail.)


Thank you!
And his hair's green because it looks like a monster can and I think it looks cool
also my other character has red hair and their personality is the opposite of Nick so it would be complementary colors

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For the most part, Nick sounds like a very developed and realistic character. Most of his tic seem real and his depression seems to be handled tastefully. I would like to know more about his parent and why they put such high expectation on him in the first place


ok tbh Nick is one of the characters that I put a lot of my experiences into and idk why parents expect so much dude they're just like that ig
like i would say they want the "best" for their kid but at the same time they don't realize how toxic they're being