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"But you are author, you control the cannon"

Heres a fun game! Even though you control the cannon, what are your headcanons about your characters? Here, I'll go first!

  • Kira and Lance are avid fans of urban exploration, however, they haven't been since a druggy threatened them with a knife inside an abandoned Kmart.
  • I love the idea that Kevin has glasses and Nathan finds out and at one point is like "WHY ARE YOU GLARING AT ME?" and Kevin would be like "BECAUSE I CAN'T SEE SHIT"
  • The volleyball club has a fun game of dodgeball but they forget they're not supposed to touch the ball and for the lOVE OF GOD STOP RECEIVING THE BALL-
  • Asbjorn isn't allowed to use the bathroom without a Bathroom Buddy™ anymore because of an incident involving half a toilet roll, Davids cat and a mop set.
  • Part of the reason Alfie is so abrasive is that Robin never reacts to anything. He's spent 6 years making himself more and more ridiculous to get a goddamn reaction, he doesn’t even remember who he was before Robin-

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(Okayyyy I found some! Word dump incoming ^^; )

  • Mia went through several rocky relationships before she met Tide, mostly with other girls. One girl was very nice, but couldn't handle the nomadic lifestyle that Mia loved so much, while another was involved with a bad crowd and cheated on her, then there was the girl who seemed fine with the fact that Mia wasn't human, but then tried to use her to get rich and famous, and then there was the guy she almost got serious with who ended up being too much of a clingy, emotionally-draining crybaby to handle.
    All this mainly counts as headcanon because I probably won't get around to mentioning it in the actual story, sadly.
  • Jackal, my huge dangerous bandit warlord, is secretly a soft sad bean. He's lactose intolerant, has really bad seasonal allergies, is distinctly nearsighted, and has nightmares almost constantly. He has no idea that many of his problems could be easily remedied (or even that they're not normal) because he lives in a dystopia where nobody's educated on anything and good food/medicine's almost impossible to find anyway. Also he's ace and gets really uncomfortable when people flirt with him but doesn't understand why. I want to give him hugs T.T
  • I have a romance story written in first-person perspective, and so as a result, we only get to see the relationship from one angle. I have tons of headcanons about the other guy and what he thinks of the MC, and how he's always talking about him to his friends until they get super annoyed, and how he runs away and cries after they fight, and how he's always lowkey showing off when they're together, but MC takes forever to notice because he's an oblivious idiot xD
  • My villain!! Omg I almost forgot this guy. He's basically the god of mischief/time/curiosity/theater/etc. and he's always leading like six different fake lives on earth as different personas, and he has a wonderful sense of humor and loves just messing around with humanity and watching what happens, and has graciously decided to accept the role of "bad guy" for a few lifetimes because otherwise all these bright young heroes would be wasted, wouldn't they? Long story short, I have so many ideas for shenanigans and inside jokes and stuff that I'll never be able to share in the story because they're so random. Here's a few:
    -He loves seeming all dignified and elegant and refined, however he also radiates chaotic energy around his minions. Wearing bunny slippers in the office, playing dorky disco music on the speakers when they don't have guests over, spotting his own aliases in the news and complimenting their outfits, stopping every clock in the world for exactly one second just to see if anyone will notice, laughing at meme compilations and old British comedies until tea squirts out his nose, I could go on
    -He has a grand piano in one of the rooms of his HQ, every once in a while he wanders over when he thinks someone might be watching he's alone and gazes at the keys seriously, then tries to actually play something and messes up horribly, laughing at himself
    -One of his personas runs an investment company and they were about to go bankrupt, but he wasn't done with that particular game so he just,,,, conjured more money and put it in their savings and made his co-owner promise not to tell.
    -On a similar vein, his co-owner once criticized him for being too charitable with their funds, and so he took a dollar bill, turned it into a hundred-dollar bill, and told the co-owner to go give it to the street magician outside their office.
    -He is the street magician. He's terrible at magic and most people ignore him.
    -He loves giving his human forms real physical limitations, for example most of them are pretty out-of-shape and can barely run two blocks without gracefully collapsing.
    -One time he decided to start a new life as an amnesiac with no magic powers who'd fallen from the sky into a snowy park, however he miscalculated the drop and broke all his bones instantly, sending him back to the respawn area. His minions had never heard him wheeze with that much laughter before.
    -Basically his biggest fear is boredom, he'll even put artificial rules on his godly powers just to make things more interesting and challenging, everything he does is for the lolz, he's literally just an all-powerful author who gets to rp as his own characters X'DDD

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  • Fern learned to sew when Christi was wounded and she had to stitch up her wounds.
  • Vorin is really sad because he never gets grandchildren.
  • Fern speaks about 7 languages but is only fluent in 2. (but this does show up a bit in the story so I guess it's not a headcanon.)
  • Fern can play the violin, not very well because she doesn't own one and can only practice if she borrows or steals someone else's. But she really loves music so she tries to play it whenever she can.
  • Micheal and Wisp might be related. Second cousins by marriage or something.
  • Wisp and Ferrin adopt 2 children.

@Seeba groupINKC President

  • Memphis decided to introduce Eric to TikTok and he's never regretted anything more.
  • Eliott almost choked to death on a golf ball as a result of a dare
  • Felix sprains his ankles all the time but never says anything cause he wants to keep play Volleyball
  • Kichiro was a full 80cm when he was born
  • Sometime Oliver has a seizure then he'll laugh about it and continue like nothing happened
  • Kira used to have a dog named muffin🥺

@stressed-sock group

  • Chan and Himari are banned from the kitchen after a battle only referred to as 'The Spatula Incident'.
  • Lucas is actually really good at origami. When business at his aunt's restaurant is slow, he likes to fold left over receipts behind the cash register
  • Chan carefully organizes his notebooks in rainbow order. That's probably the only organized spot in his room
  • Elyas sleep talks and says the weirdest things. Chan recorded him once, and he can't get him to delete it
  • Zephyr still doesn't know that you can't microwave metal. She is now banned from using the microwave after making it explode twice
  • Ren has a plushy collection mainly consisting of dogs. Her favorite one is a fat shiba inu plush

@SpookyScarySnoteleks group

  • Jax:
    She tends to hoard candy, sometimes her crewmates just find a mountain of candy under her bed.
    She loves oversized hoodies.
    She has a shit ton of plushies that represent her crew, namely a polar bear and a penguin.
  • Azami:
    She has a bed in the boy's quarters, not because she identifies as male, but some of the boys help her nightmares go away.
    She loves hot cocoa.
    She writes letters to her dead brother, highlighting the past week's events and reminding him that he loves him. She then burns the letters, because she believes that they'll get to him that way.(He could control fire when he was alive, it was kind of his thing)
  • Tori:
    She's an amazing singer, but only sings to her friends at times.
    If one of her friends gets sick, she won't sleep until they're better, sitting by their bed and talking to them. She's often gotten sick herself because of this.
    She loves to swim, and is working on a way to get her friends(whose energy is drained by water) to be able to go underwater.
  • Teigi:
    He writes love poems, but doesn't control them. He just keeps them, writing them to nobody in particular, every week, so when he meets the one, he can shower them with gifts and poems and love. Because he's just that adorable.
    He's basically a therapist for anybody on his crew.
    He has a crush on his first mate(who I have yet to create)
  • Peregrine:
    She's got a pet bird of prey, probably a hawk.
    She writes letters to both her fathers.

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  • Blythe has a ton of scars from years of battle, and Peter falls more in love with her every time he sees them
  • Peter can be super reckless and Blythe doesn't let him refuse to clean his wounds
  • Alisi's first (sonic) scream almost brought her house down
  • James was going to be the only non-powered sibling before he was killed
  • There's a tiny part of Blythe that secretly hates Alisi because she has no idea if James would have looked like her
  • Alisi has no idea that her twin brother was murdered because her parents still haven't told her
  • Peter hid all remnants of James' existence because it was too hard on Blythe


•Cody has an unhealthy obsession with sprite.(Kevin has tried to get him to stop drinking it but, the outcome is never pretty, so he stopped.)
•Kevin once dated a drag queen named ‘Orange’ but broke yo with her because he figured out they were married to someone else.
• When you first meet him, you might think Akecheta is just a hard headed, dumb, jock who likes to fight but, in reality, he learning disabilities that he’d rather not talk about because he’s ashamed of them.
• Brooke is actually an okay singer and sometimes writes little ditties/songs in her free time.
• Cal likes to un-ironically dance to indie music after getting out of the shower and songs off key to every song.
• June took karate when she was younger and has a black belt that no one knows about.( it was a pretty scummy karate place tho, so she only says she knows the basics of karate.)

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Oh I can't believe I forgot

  • Steve can down 50 beers before getting tipsy
  • Buck can down 43 before getting tipsy
  • Blythe can down 30 before getting tipsy but if she has more than 35 she will start to get drunk

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(Lol I'm late)

  • Collin would have been really tall with it wasn't for his uncle starving him

  • Mikoto is a fan of BL but is very picky about it, typically trying her best to steer clear of anything with shotas or romanticized abuse

  • Kage purposely has spiky hair and an overall edgy look to scare off people and look tough (so in a nutshell, He's going through an emo phase)

  • Hikari can go off 2 hours of sleep and a lot of coffee

  • Minato get her energetic and tomboyish attitude from shonen heroes she read about in mangas she managed to find

  • Eri is able to fight due to her background of being a delinquent

  • Asumi is pretty talented in art and has a surrealist and jarring art style

  • Due to Hanaki's hemophobia, his mother puts blood in his food (for context he's half-vampire)

  • Emiko works at the internet cafe she refuges at

@LilMeme group

  • Nikus generally have a high metabolism, causing them to have to eat a lot, they also can withstand plenty of poisons and raw food without getting sick

  • Collin use magic to get clean instead of showering, mainly due to it taking up time

  • Witches has a monopoly on shopping districts with their uses of herbs and potions

  • Hanaki does have a strange relationship with the sun, He can torelate it more than most vampires due to his Indonesian and half demonic heritage and farm experience, thought his vampire powers still can't work in the sun

  • Onis tend to have big families and are somewhat tribal and traditional

  • Eri's father owned some sort of bank

  • Succubus tend to major empaths due to them feeding on emotions

  • Asumi's father taught him archery in other for her to protect himself

  • Nono and Ai has had a long list of identities and aliases

  • Schizoaffective disorder does run in the Himawari family

  • Collin has a pet snake named Bongo

  • Minato is powerful enough of a human to take on low-level witches, succubi, and Nikus


  • Harli meeting Oscar's parents. Oscar's parents seriously neglected him, Harli just wants the best for him. I don't know what he'd do to the parents, (Harli's pretty passive) probably something benign but with hatful intent.

  • Lincoln infiltrating Elysium, gaining power and asking Chester to live with him. Forcing the medical facilities to step their game up so his best friend can get some real healthcare. Though he'd have to leave his dads behind. he'd miss them dearly.

  • The prince and Landers overthrowing the lord of all dead (the prince's abusive dad).

  • Abbot and Caven escaping the military camp and living on the streets. becoming feral (Abbot was already a little feral).

  • Jace getting hard core squishes on people he's hooked up with. He's lonely.

  • Eddith fending off her town from attackers. She always wanted to fight something.. or hug it.

  • Chester has a huge marble collection that he despises.

  • Lincoln keeping a journal of triggers, coping mechanisms, calming things, etc. for Chester, just to be a better friend to him (though if Chester found it he'd probably thinks it's creepy and make Lincoln burn it).

  • Landers actually getting to try a hamburger.

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  • Allison is nuts about Vozreal, but Vozreal is olbivious as fuck and eventually she has to tell him directly.
  • Vozreal hated (censored)ing the Queen of Tartarus.

@Starry-Dreams ac_unit

  • Ash doesn't know how to cook, so his boyfriend Johnny has to show him how

  • William did have children, but they died when they were quite young

  • Sora isn't the first person William and his wife adopted

  • Little Percy sees his father write A LOT, so he tries as well. Then he reads it to Emily and it makes little to no sense, but she pretends it a masterpiece every time.

  • Thomas is Sora's American cousin

  • Thomas and James were shy, like really shy about their relationship and didn't do a lot of couple stuff in public, but then June rolled around and Thomas appeared out of nowhere with a fucking gay flag cape and screamed "I'm dating James and if anyone has a problem with that then square the fuck up."

  • James is short and Thomas makes short jokes whenever he's around him, which results with James kicking him in the shin

  • Ash and Thomas used to be friends

  • The only thing Thomas ever makes is Mac and Cheese

  • Sora had a hard time learning English when she arrived to the U.S. and kept forgetting that not everybody knew french

  • Sora curses in French

  • Harriet isn't American, she's Irish.

@nebula__ group

  • Elliott is like a parrot, but a mute one. If he hears someone swear or make a dirty joke, he repeats it in sign language until the person he's mimicking leaves or gets mad at him.

  • Kaseki is like those people in some movies that have a photo of the person they hate the most and throw darts at it or something. But Kaseki doesn't have darts, so every day, when he wakes up, he takes a knife and impales the picture of Lunari he has pinned onto his wall (it's actually pinned there by other knives).

  • Lunari knows that Kaseki has a picture of her on his wall and that he stabs it when he wakes up, but she acts like she has no idea.

  • Quinn watches Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun. She enjoys seeing other ghosts (she's one herself) and just generally enjoys the show. No further explanation needed.

  • I have no headcanons for Ana :,)

  • Lillith tries to speak normally, and it ends up sounding like someone trying to play a broken record in reverse. It's extremely odd. (Btw; she only speaks reverse, in case anyone wants more context on this)

  • Ashe, whenever someone pisses her off, blankly asks "Do you want to die?" (This is also a reference please tell me someone gets it-)


-Addison can understand basically any foreign accent and she doesn't even know how.
-Hayden is a hugger and even people who hate hugs will be totally fine when she wants to give them one but pretend they hate it. This is specifically Asher who hates hugs but will even offer Hayden a hug.
-Addison will spew out random facts and it gets to the point where people joke about being able to win game shows if they sat in a room with her for 30 minutes.
-Alyssa has only ever yelled at her sister once: Addison intentionally put too much salt in a cookie as a prank and Alyssa would have thought it was a mistake if Addy didn't start cracking up immediately. Alyssa then lectured Addy about pranks for a full 10 minutes, and it only comes up when Addy wants to show how much of a cinnamon roll her sister is.
-Hayden is secretly an incredible baker and surprises her friends with a homemade cake on their birthdays. She pretends not to know who made the cake but everyone knows it's her because she's a terrible liar.
-Asher once knocked over his neighbor's mailbox with his powers and nobody ever knew it was him, but he did anonymously leave money to his neighbor to replace it.
-Everlind is trying to learn Megalovania on the violin only so she can prove to her friends she knows memes (which she doesn't, when they dared her to learn it she had no clue what they were talking about). To be fair though, the others only know the super well known memes.
-Everlind has also been rick-rolled many times, pretty much always by Asher. She falls for it every time.
-They are all super mature and hardworking but also act like total children half the time, which makes sense because they are children.

@NotSoBeautifulDiseaster group

  • Sophie and her friends spend their weekends watching fox kids as children

  • Matthew tends after multiple stray cats

  • Micheal is really talented in coding and mechanics

  • Jax has been banned from the cooking club due to his food causing food poisoning

  • Charlie sometimes mouths off people in Japanese

  • Lucas once tried to sneak a stray dog in his house when he was a kid

  • Ava has a large tarrot card collection

@MerrilyWeRollAlong group

  • Nich's last name is just another lie from his father and he knows it, making comments about it on more than one occasion. I like to think that his actual surname is something super basic and run-of-the-mill; even if he learned his actual surname he wouldn't change it.
  • Jackson was involved in a lot of (failed) musical/theatrical endeavors in high school and college, including singing/playing guitar in short-lived band that only performed covers, a group of friends that drunkenly performed Shakespeare monologues, and a few 80s movie parody musicals
  • After Kate calls out his abuse, Peter's tires are "mysteriously" slashed. It was Kristi and Morgan in a rare team-up.
  • A Chorus Line was the musical that got Jackson into theatre
  • Addie has no interest in getting any sort of mechanical replacement for her missing eye, she's content with just an eye patch
  • Out of all of Oleander's "wives", he's only ever married three of them (Poplar, who never even moved in with him as it was solely a political marriage; Esther, who was his first love; and Lavinia, who he forced into marriage)
  • Beckett's favorite book is Franny and Zooey by J.D. Salinger

I've probably got more but that's all for now

@kingnocedas group

  • kacey has adhd; she hyperfixates on rabbits and her special interest is tennis
  • nabila used to date teigan but it didn't work out so they're amicable exes
  • karuko has anxiety and/or depression
  • yannika actually really wants to be friends with kacey but she's too petty and stubborn to do so
  • cassidy is an all rounder; she can sing, dance, play the piano and is a blue belt in judo

@MerrilyWeRollAlong group

  • Out of the main Detectives quartet (Jackson, Geneva, Henry, and Victor), Henry is the only one who doesn't need glasses. He finds this out when Jackson stops in one night with glasses on; Henry initially thinks it's supposed to be some sort of disguise.
  • On a related note, out of the same four characters, Victor is shockingly the only one who hasn't had to undergo surgery. Henry had surgery on his knee, Geneva on her arm, and Jackson when he was stabbed.
  • Alys never wants kids, and will never have any. The closest she's come is by adopting Petrichor.
  • Geneva was never super into the whole goth/emo scene as a teen, she wears black because she thinks it looks good on her and it's her favorite color
  • Although Carrie and Ayla don't legally adopt Lysander, he moves in with them after wrecking his leg in the rotunda battle and they more or less see him as their son. Same with Sara and Amira with Kira, and Jon and Margot with Ansel.

@NotSoBeautifulDiseaster group

  • Aaron is extremely superstitious when it comes to sport, for instance, he believes that any athlete who's on a MADDEN cover is cursed

  • Jaelynn reads creepypastas, usually, the ones that involve the whole "X was really dead/ or a ghost/ or hallucinating the whole time" types of stories

  • Logan carries around a blanket in his bag, that was from his birth parents

  • The Bitter Dream character are acutely aware they're expies of the Diabolik lover's character

  • Bonita runs a fandom blog on Tumblr, where she draw fan art

  • Valerie has raised on a farm


Since Showtime can slightly alter his appearance and can hide hide his wings (with difficulty), he has several actor/model/singer personas that are all very famous. Because of his memory problems he often forgets about them and is always super confused to see himself on tv

He also has is famous as Showtime and has a very active fanbase. He does always step in when things start getting pg13 and beyond

He also edits his own wiki articles