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Hello! This is a Q&A for my ocs, Kwittersweet! Ask Em' anything.

Meet the girls (in oldest-to-youngest order):

Miyu Suzukase: a extroverted girly-girl with a love for boys, shopping, and gossip. She is very protective with her fellow members. Strict dad of the group.

Natsuno Atsuda: the caring mom of the group, loves cooking, and was raised on a farm! (Prefers being called Nana)

Kanade Fujita: a slightly air-headed girl who loves cats, eats a vegan diet, and is very charitable. Loves her younger sister, Setsuko.

Setsuko Fujita: the younger sister of Kanade, she likes spending time alone, writing songs and listening to hip-hop songs. She's usually quite hostile but she has a soft side.

Momo Miyamoto: a girl who shows bizarre behavior and tends to drift into different topics while talking about something. Best friends with Nana, Miyu finds her strange.

Chiyoko Kobayashi: a loud, fun-loving, devil-may-care tomboyish girl with a secret love for girly things. Is open to any and all questions. Heavily admires Setsuko.

Some sample questions to ask: "what's your favorite food?" "What's your biggest fear?" "What motivates you daily?" "What's your opinion on [insert member here]?" "What extracurriculars are you apart of?"

@SingSongKV group

Hey Nana! What was it like growing up on a farm? Did you like it or would you have preferred to live somewhere else?

Nana: "Well… I loved living on the farm! I prefered doing farmwork instead of hanging out with people… but now that I live in a more 'urban' area (Tokyo), I'm mostly relaying on the other members to navigate city life. They've been helpful so far!"

@SingSongKV group

Bradley: How do you deal with fame and paparazzi? I know it can be hard being in the spotlight sometimes…

Miyu: "For me, it's fun being in the limelight! But I can understand when it's too much for me, I usually like to immerse myself in a hobby. Gets the weight off my shoulders, I guess."

Nana: "I usually get overwhelmed with paparazzi, I actually try to leave the situation as hastily as possible if they start asking uncomfortable questions."

Kanade: "I have to admit, it's fun being interviewed! Reminds me of other music groups I admire, it's still insane that our group got as popular that it did."

Setsuko: "I don't really 'deal' with it, per se, I just ignore em'. People have come to expect for me to distance myself, I only get into interviews if my sister wants me to…"

Momo: "Great question! I like the paparazzi! When it comes to promotions, I usually help our groups producer scout for opportunities! Besides, paparazzi reminds me of pepparoni. Have no idea why. Ciao!"

Chi: "Photos, videos, doesn't matter. I always gotta show off my cool moves! It usually frustrates them when I don't answer questions and instead start dancing, but I find it funny, they need to chill out!"

@SingSongKV group

Setsuko and Chiyoko, what do you like most about each other?

Setsuko: "Err, she certainly has a… Bombastic personality. She brings energy wherever she goes, especially in studio."

Chi: "what's not to like! Setsuko is cool, pretty, good at what she does, and funny! She's amazing!"

Setsuko (replying to Chi): "I've never told a single joke since I've been in this group, so I don't know where 'funny' came from. He'll, I don't know where you got that I'm pretty from…really."