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I'll provide different scenarios. Tell me how your characters would react in the situation. If you join in when there's more than one situation, please indicate what scenario you're responding to via the number.

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Angel: /spends time with them when possible and brings them food/
Corwyn: /lets them work with him (dog walking) until they can get their own job/

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Angel: /snaps photo and sends it to them./ Hey, guess what your bitch did.
Corwyn: /calls them up/ Hey, sorry to say this, but (name) is cheating on you.

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Angel: Where the heck do peo- oh there it is. /finds id/ HEY PERSON! I FOUND YOUR WALLET!
Corwyn: /Drops everything/ Aw crap. /picks it all up then continues to look for person/
Angel: Nope, I'm good.
Corwyn: /politely turns them down so he can spend time with Angel/

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Scenario #6: While on a road trip the vehicle breaks down and they can't get cell service.

Scenario #7: They're pulled over.

Scenario #8: When invited to go see a movie, what genre do they choose?

Scenario #9: Someone asks for a book recommendation.

Scenario #10: They witness a fight.

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Angel: Well, /shoves someone out of the car/ time to become a hitchhiker, buddy!
Corwyn: /retrieves his tools from the trunk/ Give me a few minutes. /proceeds to fix car/
Angel: /stays silent/ I'm not drivin', ain't my problem.
Corwyn: Sorry, sir/ma'm. Won't happen again.
Corwyn: Fantasy. Sometimes romance.
Angel: /lists every single one she knows/
Corwyn: Lions of Little Rock is nice.
Angel: FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT! (But if it's for no reason…) /attempts to tackle attacker and is probably almost killed/
Corwyn: /gets between them and/or tries to talk them out of the situation/

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Angel: Wtf? That was strange.
Corwyn: Well then…no more horror movies for a while.
Angel: I'll just stay home, thanks.
Corwyn: /tries to convince Angel to go somewhere/
Angel: /battle cry, runs to get a frying pan, come back still screaming and hits them over the head at least 20 times/
Corwyn: /trying to pry Angel off the poor person/
Angel: Oh, hey.
Corwyn: Cooooool.
Angel: Shit, not again.
Corwyn: /checks pockets for phone and calls police, parents or Angel/

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Scenario #16: A knock on the door. Its a firefighter coming to tell them to evacuate. They don't have a whole lot of time to pack. What do they grab and where do they go?

Scenario #17: Get locked in at a store over night.

Scenario #18: Water/amusement park.

Scenario #19: They encounter someone famous that they idolize.

Scenario #20: Bumping into a family member/friend that they haven't seen in a while.

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Angel simply casts a shield spell on the house. They stay right where they are.
Corwyn: Uh…help.
Angel sticks close to whoever she's with and only goes on small rides. Corwyn checks out the shops with her.
Angel: Hey can you sign all my Maximum Ride books? (James Patterson)
Angel: Oh, heyyyyyyyyy. /attempts escape/
Corwyn: Hey, how are- gimme a sec. ANGEL COME BACK!

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Situation #21: Framed for something that they didn't do.

Situation #22: Just murdered someone. Oops.

Situation #23: Plans on proposing to their romantic partner.

Situation #24: Romantic partner proposes.

Situation #25: Loved one becomes ill.

Situation #26: Loses their sight.

Situation #27: Loses something that they cherish.

Situation #28: Runs into a wall when they aren't paying attention to where they are going.

Situation #29: Selecting music to listen to.

Situation #30: Miss their plane/bus/train.

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only gonna do a couple for elara but

Elara: wakes up crying …I don't wanna die…

Elara: Oh frick oh frick… grabs computer and drawing tablet w/ pen, then dashes out the door to her car [Once in her car, she drives, but to where? Who knows, wherever the road leads her haha]

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Angel: Fuck you all.
Corwyn: Wait, what?
Angel: /curls up in a corner and cries/
Corwyn: (pretty much the same but in private)
Angel plans to do it at home, where no one's watching them.
Corwyn asks her to go to the park.
Angel and Corwyn propose to each other at the same time and they still laugh about it 60 years later.
Angel refuses to visit them in the hospital. It would break her, seeing them like that.
Corwyn spends every minute be their side.
Angel: Shit, how am I supposed to do things now?
Corwyn: At least I can still hear.
Angel would cry every now and then, and curse at every corner as she searched.
Corwyn would search frantically for it.
Angel laughs and then does it again only to laugh louder.
Corwyn: Aaaaa! Fuck!
Angel: Yes. So long as it's not polka.
Corwyn: Gimme some Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy. /proceeds to jam out/
Angel: I believe I can try. Try to stay at home next time. (To the tune of I Believe I Can Fly)
Corwyn would call a friend to get him.