forum Give me a description of your characters and I’ll sketch their face!
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@MJ-the-Larcenist-Arsonist Here's Felix!!

aklsdjfa;lksdf you drew him so well!!! oh my god his hair is just so funkin perfect a;skldfj;asldf
your art style makes me want to go become a raccoon and set some dumpsters of fire, and yes that is a huge compliment i love it so much

him him him him him him

okay im gonna stare at this for the next few hours <33

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Um… I have never asked for a character sketch before, so yeah…
And, I’m just using the pic for me, on this site (I like having visuals of characters). I don’t have any other social media. (But, I’ll be sure to keep it in mind for anything in the future).

Would you mind doing De Tearion?

The pics (one in the gallery, and a link in the Face Claim part in the Looks section) are pretty close to him.

(Fair warning, if you end up looking at any other part of him, particularly backstory, there is quite a bit of abuse, neglect, similar stuff)