forum Utopian Dream competition winner: congratulations to Hanh!
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This competition challenged worldbuilders to construct a government with the following prompt:

Create the “perfect” fictional government. Who’s in charge? How are collective decisions made? What values does your society hold and how do they honor those?

Utopian Dream received 8 submissions. Each submission was scored on creativeness, level of detail, realism, and adherence to the prompt. And the winner of Utopian Dream is…

The People of Fjadaki Government by Hanh

The citizens of Fjadaki are proud of their government, believing it to be a true reflection of their culture and religion. Given that there are always going to be majorities and minorities, not everyone is always completely happy with the government’s decisions. The people, however, have the ability to change who is in charge and enforce the morals and virtues they value most.

You can read all about the People Fjadaki Government here. Hanh will win 6 months of Premium for their great submission!

And, of course, every submission to Utopian Dream is now available for you to browse in the Utopian Dream collection!