Remembering James Brown

Started by @andrew Premium Supporter

Scott Stratton

A moving and eloquent tribute. Only just found the site, and so do not really know you, your family; so just as one human being to another - your words for your father are beautiful. It is clear the world was brighter for his begin part of it.


Sorry for your loss. I just joined, but your father sounds like an amazing man. He has created a site that is impossibly helpful and useful. My prayers go out for you.


Oh dear.. I am so sorry for your loss ;;
It’s a bit late for me to comment, but still..
Losing a loved one will always difficult, but, I hope that one day, you and your family will be able to think about him without aching so much ♥️
Rest in peace.


I send my deepest apologies Andrew, I recently lost my father as well, we can help each other