Remembering James Brown

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@andrew Premium Supporter's banner is black this week in memory of my incredibly loving and brilliant father, James Brown, who passed away last night after a long struggle with cancer.

His support and encouragement and guidance was instrumental for releasing originally and growing it with you all this past year. He lived an incredibly full 75 years doing everything from riding bulls in rodeos, backpacking around Europe, serving as a therapist in a prison, milking cows on a farm, serving in the military, to teaching English at Missouri Southern State University. His mom was the first person in his family to attend high school, and he was the first person to attend (and graduate, with multiple Masters degrees and a PhD!) college. In fact, in the 90s he tried to help implement a writing assistance application not too dissimilar from at the university he was working at; although it didn't take off, he had a lot of valuable feedback and suggestions that helped me from his experience.

He was warm-hearted, passionate, genuine, thoughtful, and an extremely good person, and has shaped and molded me over the years into the man I am now. He was very proud of me, this website, and the success we've all achieved together.

In times like this when we feel powerless, I wanted at least to provide a memorial toward the impact he's had in his life. It's small, but I wanted to join his memory with my passion and the community of other writers here. He will forever be remembered.


James Brown
1942 - 2018


I'm sorry for your loss Andrew.
I'll be keeping you and your family in my prayers.
There are no words I can say or write that can convey my sadness right now.

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All my prayers and love are towards your family.

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I'm sorry for your loss, he must of been an amazing person. I'll keep him in my prayers and I send you my love and comfort.