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Hey all! turns 5 years old today – wow, we've come a long way!

I just wrote a full blog post about it that details what's new in today's release – and what's coming soon, but here's the short-and-sweet for y'all:

  • Creature pages are free to create for all users during the month of October (get spooky!)
  • If you tweet your public creature pages at @IndentLabs, I'll retweet them (get extra spooky!)
  • You can now see how many physical pages your pages would equate to in your Data Vault
  • You can now see how many trees we've saved as a community by switching to digital – surprise, it's around 900!
  • A huge engine rework should make most pages load at least 2x faster, with some loading up to 50x faster
  • I've got a lot more that's not quite ready to release yet but coming soon, including folders for worldbuilding pages
  • I'm also working on a new tool for revising stories to get them prepped for submitting to publishers and you can request an invite (soon) here

Lots more to do, but just wanted to give a bulleted list. Thanks for reading! :)

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YO I'M SO HAPPY FOR THIS SITE!!!! Notebook has become not only a useful tool for my worldbuilding, but also one of my outlets to kinda get away from the world. I've met so many fricken' awesome people on here and I'm so thankful for that. So, to say the least, thank you andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer) and thank you Notebook!!

Happy fricken' Borth

@Althalosian-is-the-father book

As always, andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer), I appreciate all your hard work. It means so much to me and doubtless many many others on this site. Thank you so much.
I really don’t know how else I could do the work I do without this site, so I’ll be sure to show my thanks by opening premium again.
Edit: That folder tool looks like it’ll be really useful.

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That is awesome that the website is already 5. I only recently found this website, but I love this place! And what @MJ-the-Arsonist had said also pretty much sums up my opinion. Snickering.

I also love the creatures category. I have yet to get premium, though it’s a goal, but I love how outrageously detailed the creatures category is! (I’m obsessed with detail, can you tell?)

Thank you for this website. I only wish I had found it earlier.

@tomat brightness_7

happy birthday!!
I've been here for a little more than a year and I'm always thrilled to read about new updates! everything here helped me with my writing, from my own pages to getting opinions from all those wonderful people here. I don't even know how to express my gratitude. I'll just say thank you very much!

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Happy birthday Notebook!

Though I probably haven't been on this site for very long compared to most people here, it's quickly become my favourite place on the internet. When I'm stressed or struggling with revision, I know that spending time on this site is pretty much guaranteed to lift my mood.

Thanks for all the hard work you've put into this site. It's fantastic and we appreciate it so much! The tools are amazing and I would not be in the same place in terms of my writing if I hadn't learnt about Notebook. I'm so happy I stumbled across it!

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Happy birthday to! I don’t have as much to say on this as some of the other people, since I’ve only been here since February, but thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into this site! sure is a lifesaver. Thank you for the free Creature pages this month as well!

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Happy birthday Notebook!! Five years somehow seems so long ago and also so recent. Thanks for everything you do, andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)!!


Happy birthday to one of my favorite sites! I found it through my friend, I don't do much worldbuilding, but I've met many amazing people here! Thanks for everything, andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)!

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Happy birthday Notebook!! It still blows my mind that you're a solo dev for this project, with the amount of updates and improvement you put out. Here's to many many more years with Notebook!


Hello, I just signed up! :)
The site looks amazing and has a very simple UI, which I've been looking for. I love that i can keep all of my notes for a story in one place and access them anywhere from any device. I can't wait to try out all of the cool features one day with premium!