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Hey all!

Quick update with a new feature tonight: you can now see all of your tags (and which pages they're applied to) in your Data Vault. Just click the Tag Management tab and you'll see them all. You're able to remove tags from individual pages as well as delete tags altogether (and automatically remove them from all pages they're applied to).

If you've deleted a page in the past, you might notice a few tags here applied to "Page Not Found". These will automatically delete themselves in the future, but you're welcome to manually remove them earlier if you'd like (they're not visible anywhere else other than the tag management page). They've been the reason a tag or two hasn't automatically deleted itself when no longer used for some users, so this should fix that.

Also in this release is a bunch of bugfixes related to our birthday release that users have reported and some small improvements to changelogs (showing specific dates/times of edits and improving readability in dark mode).

Happy worldbuilding!