forum Dystopian Rule competition winner: congratulations to Zaven!
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This competition challenged worldbuilders to construct a government with the following prompt:

Create the most dystopian fictional government. How did your society get here? Who’s benefiting from this system — and who’s oppressed? Why can’t things be improved?

Dystopian Rule received 8 submissions. Each submission was scored on creativeness, level of detail, realism, and adherence to the prompt. And the winner of Dystopian Rule is…

Old World Uniform by ザヴェン (@ZAVEN)

Civilian life is really difficult for the people in Vi-koku, as the Old World Uniform is very strict on the laws and on their people. Civilians must watch their every step if they even want a chance for a peaceful life. Civilians also have to be constantly prepared for military officers to show up to their house for whatever reason they’d like.

You can read all about the Old World Uniform here. Zaven will win 6 months of Premium for their great submission!

And, of course, every submission to Dystopian Rule is now available for you to browse in the Dystopian Rule collection! :)

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