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Name - What's the name of Old World Uniform?

Old World Uniform

Description - How would you describe Old World Uniform?

A government policy that is very heavy on control and conformity.

Stemmed from loss of control after Terma's (their home-world) collapse and over-correcting of the preexisting government as a result of it.

It is a government that solely controls Vi-koku

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Type Of Government - What type of government is Old World Uniform?

Direct democracy (formerly, year XX30-X422)

  • Before the collapse of Terma, the government system was the same planet-wide. For the type of government, things were peaceful, even when it was time to pass new laws, times of large debate.

  • It was a government system well appreciated by all who were eligible to put their say into laws (all over the age of 16 TY)

  • TY - Terma's year (Approximately 2.4 Earth years)

Oligarchy [Technocracy] (present)

Power Structure - How is Old World Uniform's power structured? How is it organized? Who has what powers?

The Old World Uniform is a Unitary government system, as all of its authority is in the central government of Vi-koku (the country). The laws are the same throughout the entire population.

There are factions that act as local points of contact for legal issues. Though they are points of contact, they only carry out procedures as the central authority would.

The structure is a bit disregarding of the civilians, especially the working class who are at the bottom of the existing hierarchy.

Power Source - Where does Old World Uniform's source of power come from?

Most of the Old World Uniform's power is Coercive Power and Reward power.

The Old World Uniform uses coercive power to crush any possible opposing forces or resistance parties against its legislation. Usually under the guise of making it seem like the resistor was a danger to the locals or Vi-koku as a whole.

Reward power is prevalent in higher ranking individuals within the society (such as military officers, and assistants of leading scientists/inventors). The Old World Uniform bribes them with promises of higher positions, more say in the legislation, and more liberties than the average civilian.

The Old World Uniform is big on manipulation of its subjects in order to build a trust or a fearing relationship to keep them on a leash.

Within higher ranks, getting a good word in is the easiest way to get a shoe in. As a military member, a researcher giving good word about you is almost guaranteed to get you a higher position sometime soon, and maybe even intel as to what actually happens in the lab.

Checks And Balances - What checks and balances does Old World Uniform have in place?

No checks and balances exist in the Old World Uniform. The power of the officials goes largely unchecked, as most who have the courage to stand up to them lack the power to not be crushed.

The Old World Uniform does not hesitate to cut resources and funding from an entire faction, even if only one person within the faction is insubordinate. This often leads to whoever was insubordinate to be tracked down by the locals and either killed or tortured into cooperation.

The government takes no responsibility for the deaths, and often punishes the perpetrators, but only to cut down on material costs.

Jobs - What jobs does Old World Uniform provide? What jobs are necessary to run it?

The Old World Uniform does not offer all too many jobs outside of government positions, in order to have the most control over commerce as possible.

However, there are military-monitored merchant jobs, as well as several entertainment jobs less supervised by the government.

Entertainment jobs include: Special Assistants, actors, singers, and professional athletics.

cloud Ideologies
Sociopolitical - What sociopolitical ideologies does Old World Uniform hold?

The Old World Uniform does not have many ideologies when it comes to social norms and standards; however, there are a few firm beliefs:

  • Criminal are scum and deserve to be ostracized from society.

  • All citizens under the Old World Uniform must follow no religion. Gods do not exist, anyone caught worshiping one will be punished.

Geocultural - What geocultural ideologies does Old World Uniform hold?

Northern Vi-koku has much more faith in the government, likely as a result of the higher presence of educational facilities in that area. The higher the education of an individual, the better treated they are by the government, and the brighter their future seems.

Laws - What are the laws of Old World Uniform?

LAW CODE: Vi-koku Jus Scriptum WIP

Preview of the document:

  • It is illegal for a civilian to not have a government approved copy of the book.

  • Citizens must wear government-approved clothing, and must keep their hair at one of 3 pre-approved lengths.

  • Phone communications may last no longer than one hour and must be supervised by an official.

  • Letters must be approved by an official before they are sent.

  • In-person conversation should be loud enough for a person standing 6.5 meters away to hear. Whispering is not permitted.

  • Buying goods from a non-authorized merchant is not permitted.

  • It is not permitted to interact with the sick. If they live with you, wait for them to be escorted to a medical facility before re-entering your residence.

  • You may not be outside of your residence for more than 5 hours at a time unless there is a pre-approved exception, such as work.

  • You must be in your residence once it is dark outside, unless there is a pre-approved exception, such as being with an entertainer.

  • Entertainers are not a right for anyone to get to see. You may only see an entertainer once every 2 months*.

  • No recording devices are permitted for civilian use.


Takeaway: The laws and activities in Aphrodus are strictly upheld and monitored. Violators are harshly punished.

Immigration - What immigration policies and ideologies does Old World Uniform hold?

The Old World Uniform has a zero-tolerance policy regarding immigration. Immigrants are quickly captured and imprisoned and used as subjects for experimentation. They see immigrants as a potential threat to the balance of society.

Their take on immigration policies has lead their relationship with other nations to being strained and borderline hostile.

Privacy Ideologies - What does Old World Uniform think about privacy?

Privacy is not required, if there is something that any individual wishes to hide, it is decided that they should not be doing it at all.

However, all civilians should mind their own business and not meddle with others too much. Monitoring is to be left to the government; snitches and gossip is not appreciated it.

gavel Process
Electoral Process - What is the electoral process of Old World Uniform?

There is no electoral process under the Old World Uniform. The officials in power naturally cycle through with priority being in who has the most knowledge to their disposal, and most of all, who is the most manipulative.

Term Lengths - What are the term lengths for people in Old World Uniform?

Term lengths last as long as from the moment the person is in power, to the moment they die or become mentally incapable.

Criminal System - What is Old World Uniform's criminal system like?

The criminal system, especially the justice system, is extremely biased, and seeks to punish as many parties as possible (guilty or not). They also make it a goal to ostracize the 'criminals' from society as much as possible. Criminals must wear a large sign that reads "criminal", and the crime they committed, at all times. Failure to do so leads to prosecution for Fraud or some other miscellaneous punishment.

They get the guilty verdict and punish criminals, but that doesn't say much when almost everyone that walks into that court room has a guilty verdict pre-written.

There are no juries in Vi-koku, the arrested citizens are under the mercy of the judging official. They may not appeal their verdict unless they are under specific conditions. (Addressed in the notes section)

visibility Populace
Approval Ratings - What do the people think of Old World Uniform? What are their approval ratings?

The people hate the Old World Uniform, as it is a very oppressive government system that cares more about research and control than the people. However, the people can do nothing about this without them being silenced one way or another.

International Relations - What do international governments think about Old World Uniform? How are their relations?

International governments stay far away from Vi-koku/the Old World Uniform's business. Mostly by force due to Vi-koku's strict policies on immigrants and foreign affairs.

All international governments go by the Vi-koku calendar, without exception.

Other nations of Aphrodus are small, and generally fear Vi-koku, as Vi-koku has a much higher populace and further advanced technology. They view Vi-koku as tyrannical and unfair to its citizens, but they can do little to nothing about it, outside of sheltering the few Vi-koku people that manage to escape every once in a while.

Other nations do not export to Vi-koku, nor do they get imports from Vi-koku.

Civilian Life - What is civilian life like for the people ruled by Old World Uniform?

Civilian life is really difficult for the people in Vi-koku, as the Old World Uniform is very strict on the laws and on their people. Civilians must watch their every step if they even want a chance for a peaceful life. Civilians also have to be constantly prepared for military officers to show up to their house for whatever reason they'd like.

group Members
Political figures

Military - What does Old World Uniform's military look like?

They are strict and practically living a constant power fantasy. They have jurisdiction to do whatever they please to the citizens of Vi-koku as they are the guard dogs of the Old World Uniform. There are no police officers in Vi-koku, so they act as those as well.

They all wear the same uniform with the only difference between each one being a unique pin they get to put on their uniform. When a resident of Vi-koku enters the military, they must forfeit their name, both their given name and family name (and middle, if they have one).

Navy - What does Old World Uniform's navy look like?

As there are not any waters bordering Vi-koku, they do not have much of a need for a navy.

The Old World Uniform has their military keep watch over international waters, but they do not have a navy.

Airforce - What does Old World Uniform's airforce look like?

Their air-force is likely one of the most advanced branches of their armed forces, as Old World Uniform has many scientists who activity work on air-craft and flight technology.

The air-force is the branch where only the most elite and trusted officers get in, as the technology is much too powerful for them to hand over to a new enlistee. Due to the nature of their air-force recruitment system, many military officers double enlist. (As in, they are in both the ground corps and the air-force.)

Other nations across Aphrodus fear Vi-koku's air force, due to a demonstration of their prowess that happened approximately 10 AR into everyone's settlement on the new planet.

Space Program - Does Old World Uniform have a space program? What is it like?

The Old World Uniform does have a space program; however, it is highly protected and secured. There is no public viewings of launches, and each rocket is thoroughly tested before any people of Vi-koku are sent in them.

They have built up their space program ever since the collapse of Terma, so that in the case that there is another collapse in their home, they can evacuate as swiftly as possible.

Dress Code

Civilian dress code:
- Must wear neutral colors at all times.
- Clothes must cover down to the ankles. (Exception for entertainers)
- Must wear black shoes.
- Hair must be one of the three pre-approved lengths.
- No gloves or other hand coverings/accessories are permitted.
- No head coverings are permitted (Exception for straw hats in hot weather).
- No loose necklaces may be worn
- No garments obscuring the face may be worn (Exception for safety gear used for work.)
- Arm may not be exposed anywhere above the elbow. (Exception for entertainers)
- Dresses and skirts are not permitted for wear. (Exception for entertainers)

Military dress code:
- May wear non-neutral colors when out of uniform.
- Clothes must cover down to halfway down the thighs (in and out of uniform)
- Gloves and hand accessories may be worn.
- Head coverings may be worn.
- No necklaces may be worn whatsoever (in uniform)
- Garments obscuring the face may not be worn (out of uniform)
- Specialized military pin must be worn. (In uniform)
- The pin worn must be the one assigned to the enlistee.
- Arm may be exposed completely
- Dresses and skirts are not permitted for wear, unless they are short.

date_range History
Founding Story - How was Old World Uniform created? What is its founding story?

The founding story as told by Utsu Blanche (the current leader) in her speech to Libepoli.

"Long ago, before I can remember, before you can even remember, we came to Aphrodus. This planet was to be our new home after the tragic fall of our motherland, Terma. We had lost many, and as few as 8 percent of those who roamed Terma survived. But we remained strong, even in this face of those who once worked with us betraying us. Even in the face of death, the face of turmoil, even when we had to rebuild society from the grounds of this planet.

We built this utopia, Vi-koku, off of trust, off of loyalty, and we built it in spite of the odds! We built a society that values education, not money. That values honesty, not pretty lies. We built a society where anyone can thrive, as long as they try their very best, a society with a secure military that will defend us all. They have nothing on us. [Opposing nations] have nothing on us! We have earned it, freedom! We were given freedom and with freedom we shall survive!"


  • After the collapse of Terma, the surviving people (Only around 8%) of that planet moved to a new planet (Aphrodus), where the people quickly descended into discord. Furthermore, many had died off, due to failure to adapt to the new climate (and a lack of apparatus to help with it).

  • The government, then mostly desperate scientists, struggled for control, leading to a break in the tranquility of the people and extreme technological warfare.

  • The government system is protested, but to little success, as the government holds most of the technology, making them efficient suppressors.

Name Origin

The origin of the name Old World Uniform is quite simple. Old World Uniform is supposed to mean the peace that the world was once at. Where everyone was equal and things were uniform, so to speak. The name was decided on by Vi-koku's founder.

Flag Design Story - How was Old World Uniform's flag designed?

The flag was designed shortly after the War for Freedom. with the lotus on it symbolizing purity and letting go, the green to symbolize peace, and the white to also symbolize purity.

Notable Wars - What notable wars throughout history has Old World Uniform been involved in?

The War for Freedom - Fought in the early years of Vi-koku's develnopement, back before they kept time or Vi-koku even really had a name. Early settlers of Aphrodus fought against each other for territory. The victors of the war went on to gain a huge chunk of land and form what is now known as Vi-koku. While the losers settled into smaller, less agriculturally fruitful areas, hoping that Vi-koku wouldn't get greedy and take them over.

Otherwise, every war in which the Old World Uniform was involved was not notable. They engaged in multiple smaller wars that looked like massacres from an outsider perspective.

Holidays - What holidays are relevant to Old World Uniform's history? What holidays does it recognize?

Unification Day: Celebrated in the one third day* at the end of the year. Since there is no definite date that Vi-koku won the War for Freedom, they decided on that day of the year to celebrate the forming of the nation under the Old World Uniform.

No other holidays are recognized and nationally celebrated; however, the Old World Uniform does allow for the celebration of birthdays, and is often slightly more lenient on some laws.

shopping_cart Assets
Vehicles - What vehicles does Old World Uniform use or own?

Outside of military and government workers, no one under the Old World Uniform is permitted to use motorized vehicles.

Non-motorized vehicles are permitted for civilian use; however, most civilians end up walking due to it being a cheaper alternative to the available vehicle.

Fixed Assets

Military equipment, roads, software, and buildings

edit Notes

One AY (Aphrodus Year) is approximately equal to 1.6 Earth Years
There are 584 days in an AY
*One Aphrodus month is equal to approx. 24 days and there are 24 months in an AY
There is a day one third of the length of a normal day at the end of every year.


Appeals may only be made if one or more of the listed requirements are met:

  • The incarcerated is discovered to be mentally ill in a way that would impair logical thought. These tests are only run upon request or upon reasonable suspicion.

  • The incarcerated is over 60 AY

  • The incarcerated is able to pay the bail amount told to them after the verdict.

  • The punishment is over 80 AY in prison or is an execution.

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