terrain Locations by person Ella


Dasgarade close

Capital of Hearts

last updated 11 months ago

Galleon's School of Silence

Galleon's School of Silence close

A school that is set in the Silent Zone, where a big magic thing happened in a war long ago. The school is pretty fancy, so getting in means you are rich, or at least well-off.

last updated 8 months ago


Magmarr close

Capital of Clubs Kingdom

last updated about 1 year ago


Mapitak close

Capital of Spades

last updated 11 months ago

Quinn’s hometown

Quinn’s hometown close

On the coast, lots of either storms & hurricanes or sunny beach days. The area is curses or something, no one knows, but it make the residents sick and weak.

last updated 8 months ago

Spiirainian School for Explorers

Spiirainian School for Explorers close

the school where explorers learn the trade

last updated 11 months ago


Wingfield close

Capital of Diamonds

last updated 12 months ago