terrain Locations by person Bjorin


Aganon close

The ancient kingdom of Aganon was very powerful during its peak. It is similar to Ancient Egypt mixed with typical the Medieval scene

last updated over 5 years ago


Summerrun close

A western/wealthy/gambling community and is the home of the Airship Combat Arena

last updated over 6 years ago

The Arena

The Arena close

The major ring in Starminster for Gladiatorial and Initiation battles.

last updated over 4 years ago

The Crux

The Crux close

A safe place for the operations of the Reclaimers, hidden from the prying eyes of the Order

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The Ethereal Hollow

The Ethereal Hollow close

A large cave whose mouth is comprised of Blue Tourmaline, a remnant from the War of the White Crow.

last updated about 6 years ago