terrain Locations by person maglo is Aromantic


Ae'Rein close

A VIlliage of Wind atop a the Canyon of Eerie Gusts

last updated over 1 year ago


Bulwarz close

A villiage with well build steels and irons, the southern blacksmith hub, and containing a Drake Warrior base. Well protected, and well equipped.

last updated over 1 year ago

City of Gravity

City of Gravity close

A city ruled by the rightous faction following the path of gravity

last updated 10 months ago


Drakos close

The fallen empire that controled much of the world, leaving RUins across the entire continent.. The captial lays in the center of the contients, serving as a focal point for portals and rituals

last updated over 1 year ago

Gate of Stranzurt

Gate of Stranzurt close

The large double doors that are the entrance into the Empire, at least the main center of it.

last updated 8 months ago


Gnoblio close

A Grand City of Elves in the desert

last updated about 1 year ago

Goblinoid War Base

Goblinoid War Base close

A war base of the Goblinoids, having congregated to serve the Elemental Empire and conquer farther out in the Mid-East

last updated over 1 year ago

Grove of Balance

Grove of Balance close

A Druid Grove where the Circle of Balance is located at, with a base to plan their affects.

last updated over 1 year ago


Heart close

A underdark city shimmering with the ethereal red light of a Ruby Dragons heart bonecage. It lights the center, and inside is a strange object that many festivals are dedicated to. The cage is large, and ovular, a tower of sorts.

last updated 8 months ago

Hunters Grove

Hunters Grove close

The forest of Zodiacs where the Hunters go to kill beasts.

last updated 6 months ago


Kollei close

A Large city, one of the larger on the continent. It houses the greatest Coliseum in history(so it says) and is very anti-Elemental

last updated over 1 year ago

Magma Cave Mountain

Magma Cave Mountain close

A grand mining and forging site, Fire Elemental influence caused it to become a volcanic site teeming with lava.

last updated over 1 year ago

Mediation Wilds

Mediation Wilds close

The North-Eastern reach of the continent, filled with relaxing natural plains and cliffs, speckled by Monks and independent settlements, where people go to discover themselves.

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New Location

New Location close

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Orion Cluster

Orion Cluster close

The Star Cluster of the Orion Region

last updated 6 months ago


Prism close

The port-city close to the surface, and adjacent to the Sapphire Sea

last updated 8 months ago

Serpent Hood

Serpent Hood close

Village of the Treasure Serpents and general less off people whom have to learn sneaky ways to survive

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Stranzurt close

The Empire of Giants, controlling the whole Northern side of Pheobion. It has Capitals split into Fire, Cloud and Frost giants territories, ruled mainly by Cloud giants. Storm, Hill, and Stone stay out of this complex system, either hiding, being too dumb for it, or having fallen into the depths

last updated 8 months ago

The Sapphire Sea

The Sapphire Sea close

The twinkling sea of the underdark

last updated 8 months ago


Tolkaleh close

The North-Western Empire of the Yuan-Ti, with a firm grasp on the West

last updated over 1 year ago

Tomb of Dhokros

Tomb of Dhokros close

The Tomb of a former powerful Red Dragon, Dhokros. It holds his body, and holds the majority of his hoard. It is well guarded by Undead beasts and spells, as well as

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Tunnels of Drakos

Tunnels of Drakos close

A series of Cavernous tunnels that used to be a trade rout of Drakos, that is now a buried Subterranean Kobold nest.

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