emoji_events Items by person maglo is Aromantic

Aero Feather Longbow

Aero Feather Longbow close

A Longbow with Air elemental energy infused in it, supplied by multiple ancestral Aarockra feathers

last updated over 1 year ago

Flames Reaper

Flames Reaper close

A Flamebrand Scimitar, forged in the Fire Giant forges, and infused with shadows.

last updated over 1 year ago

Gem Cleaver

Gem Cleaver close

A powerful obsidian weapon that shares its name with its wielder. It was crafted to destroy Gem Dragons, and so it can capture light, and drain draconic energies.

last updated 8 months ago

Scepter of Zurden

Scepter of Zurden close

A dark black and red scepter with a long history of necromancers.

last updated over 1 year ago