terrain Locations by person kay

Azmorian Library Compound

Azmorian Library Compound close

Located under a shipwreck by the Azmorian ocean, a short walk from seaside village Edranan.

last updated 6 months ago

East Tully

East Tully close

Port village in the Eastern Mountains by the Oaranoe River

last updated 6 months ago


Edranan close

small village on the ocean, located a few miles from the Azmorian library compound

last updated 6 months ago


Enkarien close

Picture-perfect town with beautiful flowers, fragrant air and doll-like people

last updated 5 months ago


Gophriel close

small country village in Southern Welven

last updated 6 months ago

Mount Karanis After Restoration

Mount Karanis After Restoration close

the home of the gods, newly restored

last updated 4 months ago

Mount Karanis Before Destruction

Mount Karanis Before Destruction close

Giant, dark mountain that rises above cloud level. At the top is a marble palace with cool waterfalls where the gods live.

last updated 6 months ago

Ruins of Karanis

Ruins of Karanis close

A bunch of crushed rocks and debris in a forest

last updated 6 months ago


Sotria close

half-slum, half-city. The main powerhouse of the Dwale. A few days ride from the sea

last updated 6 months ago


Trenth close

village in the foothills of the Eastern Mountains, located near the ruins of Karanis.

last updated 6 months ago