terrain Locations by person Altar_Ego


Alderin close

Alderin is one of the Noble Clans, and consists of investigators and planners that work for the government. Some people in Alderin are people from other clans that were noticed for their brains and were spotted into this clan.

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Carandan close

Carandan is a relatively poor clan where everyone is pretty nice to each other and everyone is kind of in a community with everyone else. This clan is probably the closest to what life is like for middle-class people on Earth, but also kind of medieval. Carandan consists of small wooden houses that laughter or conversation is usually heard from. There are dirt roads that people either walk upon of traverse in carr...

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Dragon Island

Dragon Island close

Dragon Island is split into 4 distinct parts: The school, the palace, the lake, and the Forbidden Area. The school is mostly outside and is on the northeast section of the island. The palace, which sits on the top of a hill covered in greenery, is made of gold and takes up the whole southern part of the island. The lake spills over the cliffs on the northwest section. Young children are allowed to play in it as lo...

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Endem close

Endem is percieved as the villain Clan. It used to be part of Glonderif, but it's people revolted against the rulers and became independent. It’s forbidden to speak of them.

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Firealm close

Firealm is one of the Noble Clans. It mostly consists of strong fighters and soldiers that make up the army. There are some people in Firealm that were not born there, but spotted from a different Clan and transferred there.

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Fromaud close

Fromaud is the poorest clan. It mostly consists of farmers and miners. Children from Fromaud have one huge goal in their lives: get spotted into a higher clan.

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Glonderif close

Glonderif is the highest ranking clan and it holds the palace and the royal family. People from Glonderif are generally very stuck-up and percieve themselves as better than other people.

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Golden Palace

Golden Palace close

A large, previosly golden palace that sits upon a hill covered in dead grass and flowers, with a dirt path leading to the door of the castle. A singular dead tree sits at a bend in the road. The castle resembles more of a haunted mansion, there are four stories, and the outside of the house is wooden and falling apart. Nobody except for the residents have ever been more than a few feet inside.

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Rundurn close

Rundurn is the oldest clan and is basically made up of old crumbling buildings that are overgrown and have animals living in them. Rundurn is also technically one of the Noble Clans, but isn't really counted anymore.

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Wastina close

Wastina is a rather secluded clan, so none of the others know much about them. Their land is covered in snow and ice, so most of them wear white to blend in.

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