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Hello there! I like building tools, building worlds, and building tools to build worlds.

What can I say? I'm just a girl that loves world building more than actual writing. Oh and musicals. Lots and lots of musicals. Not to me...

Yo'. Names Kian. {I:} Stream, Write, Cosplay, and Game. {Age:} 16 {Pronouns [GenderFluid]:} Just Ask- I won't get mad. ┐(‘~` )┌ {Cool...

Yo. I'm Ash, they/she/he/xe/bee proud maker of memes, wearer of tommyinnit's skin and Seeba my beloved <3 Check out her profile, s...

petsin my silly era

Price for apple sauce at wallmar

"i'm getting motivation from giorno's tits" - salem, 2021 matching with @oliver___!

Hi it’s me Haley I got a new account 15

Hi I am Alex I am 17 I am nice sometimes mean when it comes to family and friends. { matching Pfp with my lovely boyfriend mango}