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Alpine Diner

Alpine Diner close

One of the oldest restaurants in Snow Haven, the Alpine Diner is the classic example of American cuisine with an Alaskan spin. It is a cozy, wood-paneled diner with a cabin-like feel, with all food handmade and cooked to order. Come enjoy a meal today!

The restaurant has been in the Johnsen family for three generations. Its current owner Abraham is the third generation. He runs it exactly they way his father an...

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Crescent Club (Nightfall)

Crescent Club (Nightfall) close

The newest club to open in Snow Haven, replacing an old disco that hasn't been open since the 1980s. It is a two-story building with a rare basement area. The dance hall is on the ground floor, with a bar against one wall, offices and private rooms on the second floor, and a soundproof, waterproof basement for... storage. Patrons are not allowed on the basement level.

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Frontier Library

Frontier Library close

Need a book? Need some time in a quiet place? Well, the library is for you! Come on in, and browse the up-to-date selection of books and resources, or grab a private study room and get some stuff done. There is an Internet café and a coffee shop on the ground floor with the library, and an open community center space with some private rentable office spaces on the second floor.

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Lunar Pastries

Lunar Pastries close

A bakery that shares the building with Sundog Books . Specializes in themed cookies and coffee blends named after popular novels and comic books.

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Namaste Ink & Bikes (Trinity Mafia)

Namaste Ink & Bikes (Trinity Mafia) close

A handsome tattoo parlor tucked into the corner of Main Street with a curious side business: the selling, repairing, building, and painting of motorcycles and their parts. Bike groups are welcome to converge in the bike lobby, but not in the parlor. Both are simply, yet elegantly furnished.

The building consists of three bathrooms (two in the parlor and one in the bike shop), with the bike shop to the left and...

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Nightowl Café

Nightowl Café close

A locally owned, 24 hour café that serves coffee and donuts at all hours to service the tourist crowds. A good place to duck in and grab a coffee or hot chocolate in the wintertime to avoid the chill! It also boasts free Wi-Fi and an indoor fireplace surrounded by tables and chairs for those who need a quiet place to work.

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Olivia Azio's Cabin (The Blood Legion)

Olivia Azio's Cabin (The Blood Legion) close

The "old Wansley Homestead", as it is sometimes referred to, is the last residential home at the tail end of the road that leads to the North Denali-McKinley Trail Outpost Station. Formerly owned by the Wansleys - hence the name - the cabin was recently purchased and repurposed by Olivia Azio.

What most people don't know is that Olivia Azio is really Aerallis Tithiros, and the cabin - remote and otherwise entir...

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Pinewood Inn

Pinewood Inn close

Snow Haven's own Bed & Breakfast! Pinewood Inn boasts beautiful bedroom suites, all with own private attached bathrooms, as well as a luxurious dining room and private, guest-only access to hot springs in the Inn's backyard.

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Rockin' Records

Rockin' Records close

Snow Haven's local music lover's haven! Home to all mediums of music from vinyl records to CDs to instruments to memorabilia to merch, it even has small, soundproof rooms in the back for private music lessons.

It is a classic music store that has done all it can to stay open in this modern world of digital downloads.

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Seraphim Hotel (The Reine)

Seraphim Hotel (The Reine) close

Are you looking for a place to call Home in the very heart of Alaska? The Seraphim Hotel is a great base from which to explore the Snow Haven's wonders. Spend your days discovering Alaska's enchanting resort town. Rejuvenate in legendary Thermal Spas. Create memories that will last a lifetime.

Or you can stay in: start your day with the rich breakfast and wonder in the majestic lobby. Then taste a variety of fl...

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Snow Haven

Snow Haven close

A seemingly sleepy town in Alaska that sits upon a deep well of ancient magic. The magic has essentially become sentient and believes it is the town. Thus, mysterious and magical things happen in Snow Haven.

Quick Information

Town Name: Snow Haven

County: Yukon–Koyukuk Census Area

State: Alaska

Population: 10,687 (2020 Census) Previous: 5,030 (2010 Census)

**Area C...

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Snow Haven General Hospital

Snow Haven General Hospital close

Snow Haven's main hospital is a branch hospital from Fairbanks, located east outside town off State Route 26. The complex is more of a souped up outreach clinic than a fully-equipped hospital. SHGH can handle most injuries and illnesses that can be found this deep in the wilderness, and there are provisions for long-term and hospice care, but life-threatening cases will be care flighted to the hospital in Fairbanks.

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Snow Pond Spa

Snow Pond Spa close

Designed after hot springs in Japan, Snow Pond Spa has both public and private, indoor and outdoor access to one of the largest hot springs geysers in Snow Haven. Everyone has access to the public indoor and outdoor springs, but the spa also has private access that can be rented for a relaxing, resort-like experience.

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Sundog Books

Sundog Books close

SUNDOG BOOKS is a three-story, classic brick bookshop and bookbinding repair on the corner where Spruce meets Market.

The ground floor is devoted to new books, with the back half of the store for local and indie authors; the second floor is for used books, and they have a buy-sell-trade program; and the third floor is half children's (both new and used books) and half the office and where the book repair area ...

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Tamana Tavern

Tamana Tavern close

The local bar and pub, named after the river that runs north of town. It is one of the most popular bars in town and is a major social spot. Serves craft beers, all manners of alcohol, and some finger foods. Come in and enjoy a drink, watch some sports, and chat with a neighbor!

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The Iron Maiden

The Iron Maiden close

A seemingly inconspicuous garage behind Namaste Ink & Bikes houses an entire underground complex beneath its floor.

If fighting like hell is in your blood, then you've come to the right place. The Iron Maiden Colosseum has opened it's doors to a select group, lead by Trinity's own Tartarus and is owned by Cerberus. Fighters, brawlers, grapplers, hot-headed wannabes and more - all are welcome to try their fists ...

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The Shadow Knights

The Shadow Knights close

The Shadow Knights are a shadow organization charged with maintaining the International Statute of Secrecy that every member of the Supernatural Underground must uphold. They are led by the International Council, a loose committee formed by representatives of every Supernatural species present in the world.

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Town Hall

Town Hall close

The chief administrative office in Snow Haven. All local government operations occurs here, with all its departments, its meeting rooms, storage areas, and more. It is an over-sized office building designed to be both imperial in style and also keep that small town cozy feel.

The description for several other locations in and around Town Hall/Town Square can also be found in this location.

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UF Snow Haven Campus

UF Snow Haven Campus close

The Snow Haven UF Campus is the local community college option for students. It offers a wide field of classes, from vocational schooling, to 2-year and 4-year degree programs, and even some graduate programs for Masters and PhD students!

It is the only regional university in the area of the Alaskan Interior, so the Snow Haven campus is the premier post-secondary option for students who want to stay in the are...

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