Blackwood Bureau

Blackwood Bureau close

This place is home to those who defend the human population from supernatural threats.

Agents train here to take care of supernatural disturbances. Security joins the agents on missions and defends the bureau. Medics heal the wounded and take care of them.

Blackwood Bureau is made up of four buildings. One is the main building (Offices, infirmary training rooms, libraries, etc), two are dorms (One for fie...

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Heaven close

A realm of paradise created by Ira. It has a light blue sky with fluffy clouds. Everything is lush, the grass so green and trees full of life. Home to angels and its wonderful architecture. Its biggest city is the golden city, home to the angels. The leader lives in a governor-like house. Later on, it is agreed that this is the haven of the pure. There are neighborhoods for the dead.

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Hell close

A realm of death created by Haiti. It has a black sky with red clouds. Everything has a burnt appearance (All the trees and grass and other stuff). Home to demons. It’s made of 5 rings. There is a regal palace home to the king. Later on, the brothers agree to let this be the home to the damned and their eternal punishment. The fallen souls wonder in solitude if lucky

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