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Corpse Wonderland

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Alice "Lizzie" Hatcher wanders the streets as a beggar child during the day. At night, she is Axe Executioner, a psychopathic killer who wields a axe and targets nobles. Her modus operandi suddenly comes to a halt when she is discovered by a mysterious person who refers to himself as a Commissioner. Threatened by the prospect of being handed over to the authorities, Lizzie, who desires even bigger thrills, joins h...

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When her recently deceased brother returns as an undead monster, a young girl sets out to find a remedy for him at any cost… even if it means becoming entangled with unknown entities beyond a normal human’s comprehension.


Orphans Andrew and Canarie Graves struggle to cope with the grief of their parents’ passing while aiding everyone in their town simultaneously. One unfortunate day, Andrew is mysteri...

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