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Andrew's Coffin

Andrew's Coffin close

A large funerary casket in which Andrew resides in, carried by Canarie as they travel. Once a normal coffin, it was magically enhanced Lady Death in order to strengthen Andrew's body and to avoid being seen.

last updated about 1 month ago

Canarie's Pickaxe

Canarie's Pickaxe close

Canarie uses this weapon to grind and hack at Dolls.

last updated about 1 month ago

Doll's Core

Doll's Core close

The heart of a Doll. It is the center and source of a Doll's power, gaining even more power through the consumption of human souls.

last updated 2 months ago

Obsidian Dagger

Obsidian Dagger close

Andrew's main weapon. It is a downgraded version of the original Death Doll's weapon, the macahuitl. Andrew summons it by taking it out of his mouth.

last updated about 1 month ago