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Assassins Palace

Assassins Palace close

It is the home of Demerie, the king assassin, and the young assassins in training. It is on the outskirts of the city and is a big mansion. It is made of white marble and styled to look slytly Greek with piker in the entrance and letting lots of light in. Lulling those who enter in to a false sense of safety.

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Bubbles and Flames

Bubbles and Flames close

It is a small shop run by Malakai, it is in the nicer part of town and is doing very well. The outside is white with blue detailing and the shop name.

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Calioco Beach

Calioco Beach close

a secretive cove on the western coast of Thera often used by smugglers and pirates to get goods into the country and/or take a rest from being constantly chased by the law.

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Rebels base

Rebels base close

It is a mansion in the middle of nowhere. It’s white brick is covered with ivy and flowering vines. The flower from its vines is seen as a symbol of refuge in the rebel community. There are many widows that let in a lot of light. They are rimed with black which adds a more edgy vibe and a sense of a troubled past owner.

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Riverways house

Riverways house close

It’s in a nice part of the city by a river surrounded by oak trees. It’s not far from the center of town, you can get there by a ten minute walk.

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