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Cheruran Collar

Cheruran Collar close

The collars are for possibly violent and dangerous animals kept as pets. the key feature of the collar id that the have an enchanted crystal embedded in the centre above the animals neck. them crystal is usually azurite a manly blue with green edges and yellow specks throughout it, it is the most magic acceptant crystal. the collar can be used on anything.

last updated almost 4 years ago

Floima baskets

Floima baskets close

The baskets are made to hold merine flowers, which glow, as a natural light source for houses. They hang from ceiling or are placed don the floor, the shape and colour depends on personnel preference as dose the design and pattern adorning it.

last updated almost 4 years ago


Liber-Adducere. close

A social wand given to the librarians of Scriebo, the biggest library in Toria. When the total of the book is said the wand will summon it, which means the book comes flying through the library to the person with the wand.

last updated almost 4 years ago

Lux's guitar

Lux's guitar close

It is an acoustic guitar painted with ivy and flowers by Neshu.

last updated almost 3 years ago

Ring of Forgery

Ring of Forgery close

When you speak the ring’s command word the silver seal moulds itselfbto duplicate a seal from a ring or other object that is closest to it within 3 meters.

last updated almost 4 years ago

Serareyes rugs

Serareyes rugs close

The rug is a symbol of welcoming, if it is not there when you walk in it is considered an offence although this is only in Torian culture and they often have to be forcibly reminded that is not the cultrue of other countries.

last updated almost 4 years ago

Shadow fire

Shadow fire close

The potion is like liquid fire but dark and stratified in the it moves. It looks like a shadow as crawls along the ground so it can sneak up on people unexpectedly and cause immense pain, at beat leaving them paralysed at worst death.

last updated almost 4 years ago

Shadow Song.

Shadow Song. close

The sword has an elegant platinum handle designed to look like twirling vines. The bale is made of shadow steel, basically it has been in chanted to be very light, almost like you can’t feel feel it, like a shadow. A side effect of the spell is that it casts a untatural shadow on those with shadowed hearts. Hence the name.

last updated almost 3 years ago

The pendant of the sun

The pendant of the sun close

It is a golden locket inscribed with the words always follow the light in old torian. The pendant it shaped like a hexagon and hangs of a fine gold chain.

last updated almost 3 years ago