terrain Locations by person Madi


Belltingdale close

It is a pocket dimension in between worlds. It is a floating platform with a whole city on it, and it is surrounded by crimson clouds and a constant lightning storm. It is very dark, and has a huge bell tower at its center.

last updated 12 months ago

Caldin’s Caldera

Caldin’s Caldera close

It is the homeland of the few humans in the Cloud Lands, so named after its founder.

last updated about 1 year ago

Feather Heights

Feather Heights close

It is a massive mountain, with many peaks and caves and cliffs all around it. It is where the Pegasi dwell.

last updated about 1 year ago

Gacker River

Gacker River close

It is a large river that ends in a waterfall, going all the way down to the grounder’s lands. It is where all the species of the Cloud Lands come together in peace, to trade and talk.

last updated 10 months ago

Poison Woods

Poison Woods close

The forest is very thick, with a lot of caves and holes deeper in.

last updated 11 months ago

Smokewood Mansion

Smokewood Mansion close

Sashay’s mansion located on her private island, next to her dragonkin habitat.

last updated about 1 year ago

Starry Valley

Starry Valley close

Starry Valley is the place in the Cloud Lands where the Spirit Lynx live.

last updated 9 months ago