terrain Locations by person @Yamatsu


Bahron close

The largest city outside of the Prominence Empire, colonized in the Shiara Desert.

last updated over 1 year ago

Death Mountain

Death Mountain close

Mountain home of Gawain and Guinevere.

last updated about 1 year ago


Mordaria close

Capital city of the Prominence Empire.

last updated almost 4 years ago

Shiara Desert

Shiara Desert close

Vast sea of sand near the equator.

last updated about 1 year ago

The Caravan

The Caravan close

A massive boat/trade guild that cruises through the Shiara Desert

last updated about 3 years ago

The Forge

The Forge close

Located in the caverns under the steppe, modern shop surrounded by stone.

last updated about 1 year ago

The Hoard

The Hoard close

Located under the mountain where Yamatsukami grew up, an ever-growing area with all of the weapons that he has either made, stolen, or both.

last updated almost 3 years ago