ac_unit Deities by person Em


Chaos close

The creator of wild events, wars and many underground creatures. Worshipped as the ruler of the Underground.

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The Author

The Author close

Creator of the Universe of Ashall, the alternate dimension created to protect those not of the human race, allows the slow introduction back into the human realm

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The Giver

The Giver close

Creator of light, energy and magic in the Ashall realm. Honoured as a god to all for the gift of fire as well as the creation of the races related to this gift such as dragons, the phoenix and many others.

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The Lover

The Lover close

Creator of all water and water-dwelling creatures in Ashall. A symbol of war and peace. While beautiful and loving, also a dangerous force to cross. If one that she loves is injured, she will release the full force of the most powerful storms and bring down a dreaded finality to a life.

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The Mother

The Mother close

Creator of the earthen spirits in Ashall, the creatures and plants bow to her as a goddess

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The Warrior

The Warrior close

Creator of the creatures of the sky in the Ashall realm, responsible for weather changes and shifts in landforms. Honoured by the Warrior class as a legendary fighter, one who maintains inner balance and duality of soft wind and howling storms.

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