emoji_events Items by person Deca P. Carlisle

Golkan Root

Golkan Root close

Brings you temporarily close enough to death that spirits trapped in between can communicate with you.

last updated over 4 years ago

Kento Tiles

Kento Tiles close

Basically Dominoes/Rummicube/Mahjong

last updated over 3 years ago

Kraiotan's Puzzle Box

Kraiotan's Puzzle Box close

Will be found with his mother's things once his father meets him. Can only be opened with his brother's box connected. Made from Cherry Wood

last updated over 3 years ago

Marielle's Ceremonial Dagger

Marielle's Ceremonial Dagger close

Jeweled hilt with Deracose crest on it, Sapphires

last updated about 3 years ago


Pravo close

Silver Coin about the size of a silver dollar

last updated over 4 years ago

Rondolvan Hocat cards

Rondolvan Hocat cards close

last updated almost 4 years ago

Strisen's Puzzle Box

Strisen's Puzzle Box close

Created by Marielle to match Kraio's. When the two are linked together, the interlocking pieces will free up pieces on the sides of the box so that their signet rings will fall out.

last updated over 3 years ago