language Universes by person Oakley

The Altworld

The Altworld close

The landscape was strange, like a plane parallel to this one but re-arranged.

last updated over 4 years ago

The Cities of Day and Night

The Cities of Day and Night close

A independent Minecraft episodic three season show

last updated over 1 year ago

The Eternal Foundation Universe

The Eternal Foundation Universe close

The universe of earth where all my stories are placed in.

last updated about 4 years ago

The Hollow

The Hollow close

Full of magic, dark, ancient, malignant magic. This magic has gathered together to form a few power beings called Anomalies that stalk the hollow world, doing good or evil as they please. The only one to control them is Uru, the white sun-lion, creator of The Hollow.

last updated about 6 years ago