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Dakota's Gun

Dakota's Gun close

This gun was crafted by Dakota late into their time as Belphegor. It has a versatile use, with a detachable muzzle that allows for the gun to be modded into a shotgun, automatic rifle, submachine, and even a shorter range sniper. It's quick and easy to set up, though Dakota mostly uses the shotgun mod. Occasionally if they really need a break, they'll switch it to the machine gun mod, just to get some space. Thoug...

last updated about 3 years ago

The Belphegor Armor

The Belphegor Armor close

What the armor does: Beyond basic protection, the armor is built to intimidate, and to break up Dakota's human form to confuse enemies. It works especially well if it's dark out or foggy, as the strange shapes will make any foes unsure of what they're facing, or how to attack it. It's partly mechanized, and has bits that can move on their own, but we'll get to those in time. The armour is made from fibalt, a man-m...

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The Merc

The Merc close

White 2005 Grand Marquis Mercury with chipping paint and nary a flat tire in sight. This thing's used to rough and wild, but requires incredibly specialized handling to make it go in that kind of terrain. She ain't the most off-roady of all vehicles.

last updated about 3 years ago