Eva said: over 3 years ago

Murder Girls Part 3!


@Pickles, the problem was it was a format Notebook doesn't support. Thanks though!

Idk if you ended up asking andrew, but I just had that problem and then it worked when I hit the part that's not the blue button. The part that's underlined and has the x next to it, but not the x. I think the blue button says browse and the other says upload another, but it might be the other way around (I already forgot). Maybe that's the problem?

No, ask Andrew or someone.

I try but it never saves, even when I save right after. Any tipes?

Go onto a character page (make sure it's set to edit) and click the area labelled "gallery". From there you should be able to upload any picture you have saved on your drive, but you have a limited amount of bandwidth. Hope that helps!

Hi! Just wondering how you get images on your character pages of your characters. If you can reply, thanks!

Yeah 100%

Do you think she'd be interested in....stepping on me???