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Name - What is Ford-well’s full name?


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Description - Describe Ford-well.

Ford-well is a City in Canada deep in a crater. It has stone walls on the inside of the crater and only has one way to get in and out of the crater. There is a city built at the bottom and is filled with criminals. The City is split into two sides by the people. One is for the Business Criminals and the other is for the others.

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Language - What languages are spoken in Ford-well?

English and French

Population - What is Ford-well’s population?

Up around 2 million Inmates
1 million Staff
100 Wardens

Currency - What currencies are used in Ford-well?

Canadian Dollar

Motto - What is Ford-well’s motto?

Never conquered, always feared.

Laws - What are the laws in Ford-well?

There are no laws in this city.

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Area - What kind of area is Ford-well in?

The City is in a crater that is 13.4 miles long and 2.3 miles in wide. Its is 40,230ft deep

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Climate - What is the climate like in Ford-well?

For Winter it's about −81 °F (−63 °C)
For Summer it's about 113 °F (45 °C)

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Founding Story - How was Ford-well founded?

It was made by the Governments of the world to keep their Prisoners away from citizens and to save money on prisons.

Established Year - When was Ford-well established?


Notable Wars - What notable wars has Ford-well been involved in?

No Wars

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