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Another thread for writing prompts
Probably gonna try and get a prompt out either weekly or monthly, depending on my own inspirations for writings
Or just a random prompt when you least expect it

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__ Prompt 1 __: 'How can we carry on if redemption is beyond us?'

The Human King stood on the side of the battlefield with his men, just across the skies having grown dark from the mass that rose along the horizons and crested the hills beyond. So, his kingdom performed the ultimate transgression against Dragons…the beasts voices rising in a crescendo above the rolling storm clouds. Their chorus crying out for blood, for revenge of what man had done to them, to their Queen.

Yet as the dragons voices sang for vengeance, a sorrowful tone intertwined with their bloody song. A tone that called for peace, a peace that man and dragon once held, seeing eye-to-eye. Their chorus, the mourning voices so far and few between the bellowing rage.

The strongest, the leader of the grand, draconic choir, the Dragon King himself. The great beast's form, the tips of his very wings seemed to stretch far across the horizon, his great body alone eclipsing the once blue sky. Those same wings sending torrents of raging winds across the earth before him, tearing the earth apart, trees becoming uprooted, buildings crumbling by the constant buffet of the winds.
The Dragon King's eyes, swirling from yellow to a bright blue, burning brightly. That burning gaze, filled with such hatred, but behind that vengeful curtain, a look of anguish, mourning and regret.

He should've been there…he could've saved her…

The Human King stared into that gaze for several moments, then lifted his head towards the sky, the rain growing heavier at the approaching mass of dragons. He knew, there was no redemption for his people for this…to kill sacred beasts of gods…there was no salvation from that…

How could they carry on…if redemption was beyond them?

@Dragoncita group

__ Prompt 3 __: 'You weren't there when I needed you the most.'

He curled his lips back showing his teeth. Against either side, his hands were balled up into tight fists. His piercing turquoise blue eyes glared towards the woman who stood before him. She seemed almost similar to him, except some of her own features were different. Unlike his curling horns, the woman's swerved back, curling back behind her head slightly. Her tail was not quite as long, the end not ending in four prongs. The opposite of his dark purple, nearly black hair, her own was a lighter hue of purple. Yet her eyes, much like his own, a shining turquoise.

The draconic male suddenly lunged forward, his right arm swerving back, aiming to bring a full force right hook to the woman's jaw. Of course, every action led to a reaction, matching his swiftness, she flipped backwards, coming to land gracefully a few feet away as the man's fist met the ground, leaving a cracked indent in the ground. It seemed he wasn't finished with the attack, for he was once again following quickly behind, another attack poised, this time aiming to sweep her legs out from under her.

Again, the female dodged the attack. Though, as hard as he might, each attack he attempted to land on her, he was met with air, earth, and stone, never the targeted he wanted. Perhaps if his vision wasn't blurry from both rage and sorrow, he would have made an impact…but it was not to be…

This game of 'cat-and-mouse' lasted for only the gods know how long, before it seemed to end….

Exhausted, he lay on the ground. He attempted to prop himself slightly off the ground with his arms, huffing hard. He had become filthy from dirt and sweat, the light armor he wore scraped in places, the clothes beneath soaked.

As for the draconic female, his counterpart, she knelt some ways from him. She could not see the look in his eyes, as he stared towards the ground. The corners of her mouth twitched downwards, her eyes seeming to swirl with different emotions.
"…Mutaro…I di-…"

Before she finished, she winced at the heavy thud of the man's bloodied fist slamming into the ground. He didn't look towards her, but his voice was a choked snarl, "Shut up! Just shut up!"

It was then he lifted his horned head to look directly towards her. His blue eyes shined, the anguish and pain in his gaze telling all…

"You weren't there when I needed you! When we needed you!"

The tears started to fall as he turned his head down to face the ground. He let his gaze remain there, body shuddering as he tried to hold back the emotions welling inside. Mutaro slammed his fist down against the earth again.

"Father always favored you…took you away with him when he left mother and I alone…I was nothing in his eyes…had little to no ability over the arcane…the most I could do was summon a weak lick of fire from my fingertips…nothing more…"

He lifted his horned head again, the tears streaming down his face falling to the ground. Mutaro curled his lips back, showing his teeth again, "Mother had no abilities like him…like me…and so he cast us aside…we became nothing in his eyes…left us in the village while he took you to wherever the hell it was…his little 'prodigy'…"

A wave of exhaustion seemed to sweep over him suddenly. The start of this, the chasing, the storm of emotions brewing inside, the adrenaline once playing a part, was all but spent now. His arms that once propped him off the ground slowly slid out from under him, giving way so he laid flat upon the ground. His face slightly raised off the ground due to one of the curling horns upon his head. Mutaro's eyes slowly closed, the once violent shaking of his body eased into an occasional shudder now and then.

His voice softened, "Mother…her health declined rapidly…I was the only one there for her…I was the only one who took care of her…"

Mutaro took a shaky breath, "I was the one to find her in her bed…calling softly to only be answered by silence, not even a soft sigh to greet me from her…"

"I took her hand…expecting to feel the usual warmth…" his blue eyes opened, the bright turqoise now a dull hue, little to no life, "…but it was cold…I never had the chance to say goodbye to her…It hurt…it still hurts…"

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Prompt 5: He promised…

“Hey wake up, we won” she said as she was laying on the floor staring up at the sky, her hands bloody, her body sore and a big grin on her face. She waited for his reply but only silence answered. She turned towards him and stared at his still form. Too still. She scrambled up and began to shake him.
“Kai? Wake up,” she chuckled, “You can stop playing now”
But still he didn’t wake up.
“Kai?” she slapped him.
But still he didn’t wake up.
She put her head against his chest but heard no heartbeat.
“Wake up,” she screamed, hitting his chest. Tears blurred her vision. She couldn’t speak, she couldn’t breathe. He promised.
“Please wake up…”
He promised.


Prompt 3: You weren't there when I needed you the most.

Lily remembered when the city was beautiful. When the street lights looked like stars and the crying in the alleys sounded like laughs. But the magic had faded, and the city was just the city.
The conversation Lily had had with Nico replayed in her mind over and over.
"I was in a dark place! I couldn't help you!"
"I was ten years old, Nico! A messed up friend would've been better than no friend!"
"You're better off now!"
"Oh really?! Look at me, Nico! I'm just as messed up as you are, maybe more so! You weren't there when I need you the most! I had just watched my parents to be murdered, and you left! You just left."
Lily swallowed hard. The argument had brought up some repressed emotions in her, no doubt. So she stormed out, running and running until she couldn't keep going. When she had finally slowed, gasping for air, somehow, she had felt emptier than before.