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So, I feel like writing exercises really help expand people's writing. So I've decided, slide in a few prompts or something to help with that, right? I'll post 3-7 prompts at one time, once a week (ideally). There's no real minimum to how much you write, it's just to help you out, so at least try! Let's start with the first 4.

Your character is walking walking through a forest, a solivagant. Describe the things that they see through their perspective (write in the first person pov). Do they encounter anyone along the way? What goes wrong? Along the way, they encounter a box. What does it look like? What's in it? What do they do with what's inside (if anything)? (Good opportunity to use some symbolism here.)

Bonus challenge: Every four sentences, use a rare/uncommon word! A good Pinterest board (found here) has a ton that you can use. Go for whatever speaks to you!

–If you can't see Pinterest links, you can DM me for words or try to find alternative sources!

(This exercise should work on your overall storytelling and show of your character's inner mindset. As well as your vocabulary if you take the bonus on!)

Describe the hometown of your character, how it looked, how it made them feel, what happened to them there and how it shaped who they became (do this prompt in the third person limited pov). Who did they spend time with? Do they spend time with that person (or people) anymore? If no, why not? You can mention your character, obviously, but the scene revolves around their background, not them in the story.

Bonus challenge: Every 5-6 sentences, use a metaphor or simile!

(This exercise should work on your character's backstory and how it tied into their current reality. And should you take the bonus, it helps work on show don't tell – seeing that metaphors are really just saying what you want to without being direct.–)

Write your character as a quadruped animal (or if they are one, a human). How much does they way they live change from how they normally would (do not directly answer this in your writing. Show it.)? Do their survival instincts enhance? Decrease? Find a way to subtly mention what animal they are (even if human).

Bonus challenge: Write your other characters as animals as well! Use it to appropriately paint their interactions and show just what type of personality they have. What's accented? What's outshined?

–This can be written in any pov

(This exercise should work on character interactions and acknowledgement of your characters' social cliques, stereotypes, cliches, and over all their personality.)


Your character is in a city/town/or small village and they come across a pauper resident. How do they react? Do they offer them shelter, food, or whatever else they need? Do they ignore the person and continue on regretting it? Do they disrespect or jeer at the person? Do they offer them what they need, but with a catch? Up to you! Or rather, up to your character.

–This can be written in any pov
–This can be done alternatively with your character as the pauper

Bonus challenges: Write it in the present tense – and/or – The pauper person is one of your other characters (can be from a completely different universe if you have one too!) How do they interact? Is their level of technology way behind the main character being written about

(This works on your character's acknowledgement of social-economic class differences and how they deal with it.)

I hope you like em!


#1 –
Muted light from the setting sun filtered through the trees, casting everything in a soft orange glow. The leaves beneath my feet were soft from the morning's rain, stifling the sound of footsteps and preserving the calm atmosphere around me. Lizards were sunning themselves in the fading patches of sunlight, squirrels were foraging for last-minute meals, and birds were returning to their young for the evening. None of them stopped to spare a wayfarer like I any attention.

With a bemused expression, I, at last, turned to acknowledge the rest of the park. There were few people milling about; most were walking in hand with their companions and speaking quietly amongst themselves as if to avoid disturbing the peace. I appreciated it. It made it easy to slip back into my previous reverie.

Or at least, it would have, if it hadn't been for the slight disruption of earth in the corner of my eye. I approached the eyesore curiously, hands behind my back as I peered around the trunk of a tree to see…a box? I frowned at the sorry state of it, carefully crouching to get a better look. With trepidation, I peeled back the soggy flaps to a little bundle of fur. 'A kitten,' I noted with surprise, blinking back at the wide eyes peering up at me.

I glanced around, searching for an explanation as to what it was doing here, before ultimately deciding the poor thing must have been abandoned. I held a hand out to see how the kitten would react and was met with a cold nose nuzzling against my hand. It meowed quietly, and my smile fell. 'The little thing must be voracious by now,' I mused.

I closed the flaps of the box and carefully lifted it, deciding then and there that this was the reason for my daily walks. "I think I'll name you Farren," I told the kitten aloud, patting the box with a smile as I altered my course to the nearest animal clinic.