forum Time for everyone's favorite gameshow-- FORCING MYSELF TO WRITE!!
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This is just me forcing myself to write cus ill never get better if I don't practice. Feel free to bully me if I don't update after a while.

My stuff is normally more dark I guess so I will be putting trigger warnings and spoiles for most of them :3

@FRANKtheTritoposaur group

//TW// death, gore\

Prompt: Dirty Laundry
Write about the deep secrets of a character.

@FRANKtheTritoposaur group

//tw// murder, violence, gore//


@FRANKtheTritoposaur group

IM HERE TO FEED U ELISE!!!! (btw this is from 7th grade so it sucks a lot but i still like it)

//tw// death//

LOST - your story must include this word.

The woods are darkening around me. I’m so tired, my body is aching, my throat is pleading with me to stop screaming. I can’t stop screaming. It’s the only way I will ever be found in this maze of trees. The wind blows my hair into my face and my long skirt up. Why, why, why did I have to wear a skirt on the trip to the woods? My chest aches. Yay, running through the woods! I sit down by a tree. At least I had some sense and remembered to pack a hoodie and sweatpants in my bag. I slip my sweatpants on then take the skirt off and put it on the leaf-covered dirt. The tall trees had made the woods shadowy, even though the transition to night was apparent. I slipped my dead phone in my bag hours before but I take it out anyway. It feels nice having weight in my hand. A leaf hits my head, snapping me back to reality. I place the phone in my bag and grab my lantern. I click it on. Ahh, sweet light. Perionioia is something I’ve dealt with from the age of 10. Now, I take a sleeping bag and flashlight everywhere. With the sleeping bag rolled out I lay still. CRUNCH. I snap up. What was that? Glowing orange eyes pierce the darkness not illuminated by my lamp. Plump.

My body. I can’t move. I feel wet. Blood. Its blood. I can see my lamp. It’s been knocked over. Those eyes, it must have been those eyes. Foggy memories start to fill my head. I remember something launching at me. It must have been a wolf. I start to get foggy. My memory is gone, the pain is unbearable, my sight is foggy, my ears get filled with the awful screeching sound that they sometimes do. This is not normal. My life is lost. My body will be claimed by the forest as its own. Nobody will find me. The only thing they will see is m phone and a lamp. Possibly, the rotting remnants of my corpse.

What is that smell? It’s terrible. “OHMYWHATISTHAT!” I scream. The corpse of a girl, probably only 14, was laying at the foot of a tree. My team comes running. “What’s wrong?” They exclaim. I point. I walk over to the bag sitting on the ground, half-covered with leaves. Beatrice Smartin, it read. “We found the missing girl,” I whisper.