forum Creative writing class..not really. Imma list loose prompts.
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So, in my mind, a loose prompt is a general idea.

The first prompt is ….


So, basically, you can write whatever you want, a sentence, a poem, a whole a_s novel, whatever you want. And I will also write something for the prompt.

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Afraid - @CaseyJ

"Do not be afraid of the dark" you are told.
But no one is afraid of the dark.
"Do not be afraid to speak in front of others"
But no one is afraid of public speaking.
"Do not be afraid…."
But of what are we truly afraid?
No one fears the dark,
They fear what is in the dark.
No one fears public speaking,
They fear what people think.
"Do not be afraid"
"there is nothing to fear"
"fear is weakness"
But fear is not weakness,
Fear keeps you alive.
If you fear death, you won't jump off a cliff.
If you do not fear death, you would do anything.
Be afraid, fear the end.