forum Would anyone like to talk pre-343 Halo?
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So, Halo is by far one of my FAVORITE game series ever. I grew up to it, it raised me, and Master Chief is friggin awesome. But what about the story?

I believe we all can learn a lot from the Halo universe, and so I wanna have a thread to talk about it in all its futuristic, kickass glory. Let's unlocke the secrets of what makes Halo so great.

Mainly Halo 1-3 ODST

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How the heck did I only see this thread just now? I freaking LOVE Bungie Halo. Have played 1-3 and Reach, have not played 3 ODST yet but will at some point in the future.
So the story is great, but personally what I liked about Halo 1 in particular was how understated it was. I began playing through Halo 4 and it was just all so big and grandiose and I didn't like it. But Halo 1…it was just so smooth and (please forgive me for using this word again, I just can't think of anything that suits it better) understated.