forum Why aren't there any ANIMAL CROSSING NEW HORIZONS threads?
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There's actually another Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but that one died a couple of months ago. I haven't played ACNH, seeing as I kinda wasted most of my allowance when I bought Splatoon 2 back at the end of August, but I have played ACPC.

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Ah, I haven't played ACNL, because I didn't have a video game system before the Nintendo Switch came out. Yeah, but ACPC is fun. I sorta got addicted to it after the first day or so.

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@Ash-says-Crocs-for-president i am so lazy with it too! i actually made up my mind to redo my island recently, and it's undergoing some ridiculous teraforming rn!

@"Anti-Social Headphones Kid" i took a lot of time (well-many months) and just kinda did dailies and things, but now im doing stuff like redoing my island. and im rlly enjoying it! (but, yes, PAY OFF THOSE DEVIL LOANS NOOK MAKES YOU PAY) (if you dont appearently nook will bash your little in-game knees saying 'i need bells, yes yes!')—- IM JOKING.